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Android App Developer

This Android Hotel App shows a list of menu items and is used to order both veg and Non-veg menu items. The order would be sent to the hotel and the transaction is processed through home delivery.

Web Designer

This Calculator App is used to all the arithmetic calculation. It is available as a web service that can be accessed by all clients.

Android App Developer

This Android Blood Donor app is used to register users with their blood group and can search for blood donors (for whom have registered with this app).

iOS App Developer

This iOS app is used to retrieve photos that is either captured through the camera or from the gallery. And is used to display the time.

iOS App Developer

This iOS app is used to create the Information about the people with their contact information (Phone number). The app database is internal and is implemented using SQLite database.

Android App Developer

This Android Cash Flow Maintainence app is used to maintain the inflow of cash by different business parties.

Technical Knowledge Delivery

EA aims to impart high quality technical education to the learners, through our novel certified courses, innovative teaching methodologies and interactive sessions.

Topic Highlights

It is sure that one who purse you training course will get updated. Hence, he becomes skill enough to implement practically what he learned. In that point, the purpose of learning Smartphone Web Apps development course is to develop an app at the end. So that, through this in future you can get into the job of creating Web apps. Obviously, Elysium Academy Smartphone Web Apps supports students to create their own applications.

Importance of SmartPhone Web Apps in Today’s Era

Nowadays, App development has become a popular business strategy. And so, there will be lot of scope and highly demand for app developers. Thus, choosing your career in this field will provide you lot of opportunities. Furthermore, development of smartphones on Android, iphone , blackberry, windows etc.

Frame your Career in App Development

Today, everyone carry their mobilephones everywhere. Moreover all of us search over it for shopping, booking tickets, payment, money transfer etc. However, it has become an essential one too. Before developing you have to choose on which platform going to develop your app. Finally, make it mobile friendly. Smartphone are being used more than desktops. If you are interested in developing apps, then get into an advanced courses in it. And frame your career as a successful and innovative app developer.