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Pearson VUE provides computer-based testing as well as it allows for testing-industry services. To retain your current training students to provide access to certification exams and gain new ones to joining Pearson VUE the global leader in computer testing. In general, this test center delivers a variety of exams.

Pearson VUE Test Centre

The advanced scheduling and registration system allows to efficiently managing the staff resources and center hours while it’s providing the candidates to scheduling flexibility. Pearson Vue test training centers in Madurai, Bhopal, Coimbatore, OMR, etc. We offer these exams and help you succeed in future career goals.

Pearson VUE has advanced security measures ensure that the right candidate takes the test and all candidates test in a controlled and high-security environment. Test center has greater potential to help students, staff or people by providing them access to certifications and qualifications that develop their skills. Also providing exams such as CompTIA, Cisco, Oracle, and other leading programs, that helps you grow.Pearson VUE Authorized test center provides immediate benefits for students, that offer a way such as provide a community service, supplement student learning with convenient, onsite location for computer-based testing.


E-learning Certifications

EA offers an E-learning certification course to worldwide. Students can learn anytime from anywhere.

Professional cetifications

Our professional certification courses, books, and videos have been developed by research scholars from top-universities.

Corporate certifications

Pearson vue offers a wide range of corporate certification courses to create knowledgeable learners using world-class practices.

International Certifications

More than 30 certification courses offer for international students to make an innovative career.


  • Students can schedule the exam timings
  • Select the courses which they need to study
  • Accommodates multiple learning styles for different learners
  • 24/7 Accessibility allows more students to attend the classes
  • A way to learn the advanced technology
  • We are a high secured and authorized test center
  • Fosters greater student/instructor contact
  • Draws upon hundreds of years of established pedagogical principles


  Automated message generated

Exam results will send to the candidates directly wheather the candidate is pass or not.

  Accessibility and Flexibility

Candidate can schedule the exam timings and access with their flexibilities

  Highly Secure

All the candidate should be in under control while they taking the test.After the full inspection they will allow to take a test.

  Global Opportunities

Students have great future after completing the certifications.They have a job opportunities globaly.

Our Standard

  • cii
  • csi
  • ictact
  • iso
  • nasscom

Topic Highlights

Internet plays a major role nowadays. And also people are too busy that they won’t have to time to improve their technical stuff. In order to tackle that, they prefer to adopt Online Training. Moreover, Students refer online if they have any queries. Thus ELearning Services has become an usual one. Elysium Academy online trainer offers you classes with video and document format.

Benefits of adopting Elearning Services

To point out, it provides learning under flexing timings and environment. Consequently, learning online has greatly expanded now. In detail, there are many courses supported by online learning platform. Among them, Furthermore, provides you courses such as Java, Android, Bigdata, Networking and much more. Get ideas from our blog, on which course to learn. This services will frame the syllabus first, then they provide you the sessions according to your flexibility.

Take an Online Training from Elysium Academy Online Trainer

In order to learn from your environment, you can opt to do a course here. We provide you quality training as similar as a live classroom training. On the Whole, prefer into a course and learn from your own pace. As a result, it is knowledge sharing along with enhancing your skill according to latest technologies.