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Overview of Android Certification Course

Android is a complete suite of software for mobile devices. It uses a modified version of the Linux kernel that enable the developers to create innovative and captivating applications for the mobile devices. It allows the developers to write managed code in the Java language. The Android Software Development Kit (SDK) provides the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and tools required to start the development of applications on the Android platform using Java programming language.

Elysiumacademy is an authorized android training center and provides android certifications will help to take big opportunity in IT industry career. Our android training course commences with the basic concepts of Java programming and proceeds further to the development of full fledged Android applications.

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Course Outline

Our advanced professional certification programs and high-quality mock courses serve as a gateway for the learners interested in starting their career in the Global IT sector.
1Hello Android Framework
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Creating an Android Project
  • 3. Within Eclipse
  • 4. From Command line
  • 5. Running Your Application
  • 6. Running you project on the emulator
  • 7. Components of an Android application
  • 8. Application Life-cycle
  • 9. Modifying created project
  • 10. Change activity’s name
2Android SDK Tools and Activity Class
  • 1. Android Software Layers
  • 2. Linux kernel
  • 3. C/C++ Libraries
  • 4. Android Runtime
  • 5. Application Framework
  • 6. Application layer
  • 7. Android Libraries
  • 8. The Android Manifest File
  • 9. Structure of the Manifest File
  • 10. Android SDK Tools
  • 11. Activity life-cycle through Java
  • 12. Create an Activity
  • 13. Methods to remember
3ListActivity and ListView
  • 1. Introduction
  • 3. Using Views
  • 4. Adding a View to your application
  • 5. List Views and List Activity
  • 6. Using a ListActivity
  • 7. Adding ListView
  • 8. Add Event to List Items
  • 9. Summary
  • 10. Methods to remember
4Intents and Intent filters
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Intents
  • 3. Explicit Intents
  • 4. Implicit Intents
  • 5. Native Android Actions
  • 6. Data Transfer
  • 7. Intent to Call Activities
  • 8. Direct calls
  • 9. Sub-activities: Calling Activities for Results
  • 10. Register an Intent Filter
  • 11. Methods to remember
5Custom Views
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Different Uses of Customized Views
  • 3. Modify Existing Views
  • 4. Step by Step
  • 5. What is in onDraw()
  • 6. The full picture

Exam Feature & Intro Video

Exam Number AND-401
Associated Android Application Development
Duration 90 Minutes (45-55 questions)
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Course Features

  • Robust Support

  • High-tech Lab

  • Proficient Faculties

  • Ample Experience

  • Live seminars

  • Reliable Certification

  • No 1: Masters

  • Unrelenting Dedication

  • From Top Level Industry

  • Personalized Learning

  • Placement assistance

  • Innovative Courseware

Pre-Requirement Skills

Skill Needs

  • XML Concepts50%
  • Java Concepts60%

Opening Hours

We are open to serve the learners from Monday to Sunday, during the business hours.
  • 8am - 8pm
  • 10am -1pm

Content Include

  • Course Certificate
  • Course Material
  • Video Tutorial
  • Exam Guidance
  • Industrial Visit
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Topic Highlights

Indeed , today’s Business world cannot be imagined without Android Apps. That much it have influenced in the world of marketing their business. So, it’s time to take a clever decision of grasping the Android App Development Course.

Android App Development Course:

Android is the thing which have revolutionized the whole technological world. Like wise , android spirit wont let down at any advancement.Of course, the role will be constantly changing due to its rise.

Importance of Android Centre:

Many of them have the trending habit developing the app just for name sake. As a matter of fact , it’s not a small aspect that we can do the app seeing any videos. Its is an art it cannot just learned by overnight.Elysium Academy Android Classes helps you to make your passionate app development in to professional app maker. Our certification center located in madurai

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