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Our FootSteps

Elysium group of companies is founded in 1999 and managed to emerge as one of the largest global solutions firm in Asia and a leading provider of information technology and business process outsourcing services to build stronger businesses. With 15 years of proficiency and expertise in the field of research, we impart futuristic technical education, according to the global standards to nurture the inherent potential and talent of each student and create the lifelong learners and innovative global citizens with a strong sense of values. During exploration of the learning horizon, we have been honored promptly with accolades and awards that make us to reiterate our resolution to live our vision every day and fulfill our mission.

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We Create the World We Live in and Shape our Environment

FootSteps History

  • 1999CSPN

    The computer service provider network is established in 1999 for providing Internet services, servicing the Hardware components and peripherals of the computer and troubleshooting the network issues.
  • 2001Elysium Technologies

    Elysium Technology is established in 2001 to provide comprehensive and ultimate services and innovative solutions to the customers with the latest upgraded technologies to satisfy their expectations and strategies.
  • 2004ETPL

    Elysium Technologies Private Limited (ETPL) is initiated in 2004 and managed to emerge as a leading India’s first educational and training organization, to offer sovereign learning using breakthrough technologies.
  • 2005PhDiZone

    PhDiZone is established is 2005 to lead the students and research scholars towards new zeniths, to equate with the International research and development standards and reach the craved levels in their academic career.
  • 2007Elysium Services

    Elysium Services is established in 2007 to provide prodigious Web services and solutions to the customers with Innovative designs and Upgraded technology and offer valuable marketing solutions for business development.
  • 2008Elysium IT Products

    Elysium IT products is established in 2008 to provide innovative products based on the specific needs of the consumers and business organizations and develop embedded software for controlling the consumer products.
  • 2009ClickMyProject

    Click My Project is the ecommerce portal developed in 2009 for the online purchase of research oriented projects developed in various domains such as C#, .NET, Java and MATLAB and apps projects such as Android and iPhone, JSP and PHP.
  • 2009MyProjectBazaar

    MyProject Bazaar is the ecommerce portal developed in 2009 for the online purchase of research oriented projects along with source code, database, documentation, PPT, screenshots, Video, ReadMe file and one time online demo via TeamViewer.
  • 2010MyEGuru

    MyEGuru is an Interactive Global Learning Portal developed in 2010, to offer cloud-based learning solutions to the learners worldwide and provide interactive web-based platform for the users to actively engage with free online education resources from the world’s top universities.
  • 2011Campus2Corp

    Campus2Corp program is initiated in 2011, to conduct the campus-trainings or placement programs and soft skill training for preparing the students to develop the presentation and communication skills and face the interviews confidently to avail ample job opportunities.
  • 2011InTune

    InTune is initiated in 2011 to provide advanced software training and soft skill training programs to the students, for guiding them to acquire real-time industrial experience and accomplish a successful career in the International organizations.
  • 2012Elysium Academy

    Elysium Academy is initiated in 2012 to uphold the ultimatum of the company’s commitment towards spreading the high-level skill training programs and emerge as a pioneer to rely on the continuous quest for the next technological revolution in learning.
  • 2013Redzeus

    Redzeus is developed in 2013 by the Elysium Technologies, for IT management with multiple user login facility, for tracking the progress level of the client projects and also for Employee Management including management of attendance, employee details, leave, payroll, recruitment, etc.
  • 2014EES

    Elysium Embedded School is established in 2014 for providing training for the development of the embedded products with hands-on opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills, so as to provide innovation through advancement in the embedded technologies.
  • 2014Exam Booking

    Exam booking.com is developed in 2014 to offer a complete and cost effective open-source online platform for conducting innovative online exams to the students in different locations and evaluate the students thoroughly with the fully automated design.
  • 2014NSDC Partner

    NSDC partner is initiated in 2014 to facilitate the development and upgrading of the skills of the growing Indian workforce and reduce the existing gap between the demand and supply of skills, through the skill training programs conducted in unorganized sectors in India.
  • 2014International Certification Partner

    We initiated our partnership with leading technology companies in 2014 to provide self-paced on-demand certification programs and hands-on real-time training for the learners, for promoting their professional growth and increased compensation among the peers.
  • 2014Elysium Foundation

    Elysium Foundation is established in 2014 to uphold the trust commitment towards spreading high quality education, even across the rural areas and remote regions of India and focus on the empowerment of students and women to build an equitable society.



CSPN provides reliable Networking solutions, Software solutions, Hardware solutions, Peripherals, Data Processing and IT solutions to our customers. We believe in ensuring the highest standards of quality.

Elysium Technologies

Elysium Technologies provides highly exceptional solutions that empower the customers to operate their businesses efficiently and realize the greatest return on their investments.


With the well-experienced Research team, PhDiZone offers robust solutions to the research scholars across worldwide and fosters the intellectual competencies of the scholars, to promote, facilitate and felicitate creative endeavors.

Elysium Academy

Elysium Academy is established to equip each student with the technology-based educational skills through smart learning sessions and continuous assessment of progress and mentoring techniques.

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Topic Highlights

Indeed, Hard work as an investments we initially started CSPN. With the peer of perseverance and also after facing every hurdles we made our presence in diverse fields like Elysium Technology, ETPL, phDizone services, IT Products and also in other Field.Elysium Academy Footsteps will increase progressively further

Elysium Academy Footsteps

Innovative Projects for Final year students through Elysium pro

while, Online shopping sites for projects through Clickmyproject, Myprojectbazaar.

Importantly International certification courses through Elysium Academy

And the list will extend. Immensely Happy on the satisfaction of N number of Customers.In fact Looking Forward to innovate new ideas with much more positive energy