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Elearn Course

Elearn Course refers to the delivery of course, program or degree through online. E-Learning has substantial benefits and offers unique opportunities for the people who have limited access to education and training. It incorporates innovative and creative approaches to instruction and provides unprecedented access to resources and information. Blended learning results in higher knowledge retention rate as it appeals to a wider range of learning styles. There is also the added ability to refresh or update coursework whenever its needed and learn at a pace that suits the learners.

MyEGuru - LMS Portal

MYEGURU is an interactive web-based Global Online Learning Portal that offers cloud-based learning solutions to facilitate the Elearn Course process for the distant students to excel in their relevant fields.

MyEGuru provides high quality online professional learning programs to meet the academic goals of the learners and maintains the relevance of several courses to equate with the changing needs of the workforce. On MyEguru, a learner can browse through the user-made research contents, assess themselves through quizzes and improve their critical reasoning skills. Our courses, corporate training companies books and videos have been developed by industry-leading learning experts, top universities & research scholars to develop a more knowledgeable, productive and valuable workforce. We offer interactive sessions with the faculty for clarification, assessment and instant feedback and stay in touch with professionals.



Elysium Academy conducts a diversified collection of 300+ premium professional certification courses, Crash courses and Mock up courses.


Our courses, books and videos have been developed by industry-leading experts and research scholars from top-universities.

IIT Courses

Elysium Academy offers a wide range of IIT courses to create skilled and knowledgeable learners using world-class practices.


Elysium Academy Elearn Course has become a member of CII, Computer Society of India, ICT Academy of Tamilnadu, ISO, NASSCOM and ISO 9001 TUV certified member.


  • Self-paced Learning allows the students to schedule their learning process
  • Self-directed Elearn Course based on interests, needs and skill levels of learners
  • Accommodates multiple learning styles for different learners
  • Designed around the learners
  • Eliminates Geographical barriers
  • 24/7 Accessibility allows more students to attend the classes
  • Hands-on interactive learning experience for the user
  • Fosters greater student interaction and collaboration
  • Fosters greater student/instructor contact
  • Draws upon hundreds of years of established pedagogical principles


  Student Centered Learning

Materials and activities are designed with the needs and interests of the learner in mind. Students assume control of their learning experience and use it to suit their own specific needs.


Learners control the amount of time they spend on any particular topic. This allows learners to spend additional time on difficult items before moving on or to skip material they already understand. This “individualized” approach usually allows learners to complete their education and training faster than in traditional courses.

  Interactive Learning Experience

The use of a variety of multimedia in e-Learning increases student involvement and reinforces the learning experience. This leads to increased retention and a stronger grasp of the subject at hand.


Learning can take place anytime and anywhere, as long as the necessary equipment is accessible. The logistics and expense of face-to-face education and training can be extremely limiting when students are separated by distance. e-Learning also allows physically or otherwise challenged students to more fully participate. The learners can choose the instructor-led or self-study courses and skip over the material you already know and focus on topics you'd like to learn. Use the tools best suited to your learning styles.

  Provides Consistent and Effective Training

All of the target learners can participate simultaneously and receive the same information, reducing the variability introduced through multiple sessions in different locations.

  Global Opportunities

Access to the Global Learning Community through the online learning. Other unique opportunities created by the advent and development of e-learning is more efficient training of a globally dispersed audience and reduced publishing and distribution costs as Web-based training becomes a standard.

Our Standard

  • cii
  • csi
  • ictact
  • iso
  • nasscom

Topic Highlights

Elearn Course: Internet plays a major role nowadays. And also people are too busy that they won’t have to time to improve their technical stuff. In order to tackle that, they prefer to adopt Online Training. Moreover, Students refer online if they have any queries. Thus ELearning Services has become an usual one. Elysium Academy online trainer offers you classes with video and document format.

Benefits of adopting Elearn Course

To point out, it provides learning under flexing timings and environment. Consequently, learning online has greatly expanded now. In detail, there are many courses supported by online learning platform. Among them, Furthermore, provides you courses such as Java, Android, Bigdata, Networking and much more. Get ideas from our blog, on which course to learn. This services will frame the syllabus first, then they provide you the sessions according to your flexibility.

Take an Online Training from Elysium Academy Online Trainer

In order to learn from your environment, you can opt to do a course here. We provide you quality training as similar as a live classroom training. On the Whole, prefer into a course and learn from your own pace. As a result, it is knowledge sharing along with enhancing your skill according to latest technologies.