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CCNP - Routing & Switching Course


Overview of CCNP - Routing & Switching Course

Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) routing and switching certification validate for troubleshooting, implement, and also extensive area enterprise networking on advanced security, wireless, and video solution.

The CCNP routing and switching have to demonstrate the skills and knowledge required in enterprise roles such as support engineer, network technician and system engineer. And network engineer. This CCNP certification course is the correct choice to develop your skills and knowledge in networking.

Elysium Academy Private Limited provides CCNP routing and switching certification course. As well as, the networking professionals that emphasize core security technologies, installation, troubleshooting, and monitoring of network devices. Our training and certification course by the expert trainers help to increase your networking skills with professional guidance support.

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Why learn CCNP R & S?

The Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Routing and Switching certification validate the ability to plan, verify, implement and also wide area enterprise networks with specialists on advanced security. To achieve the CCNP Routing and Switching has to demonstrate the skills which it’s required the enterprise roles like support engineer, network technician and also network engineer.

Learning Outcomes

Students will learn to plan, verify and configure the implementation of secure enterprise WAN and LAN routing solutions utilize the range of routing protocols

The best way to preparing for this certification is to take the Cisco-approved training

We provide technology-based practices and a systematic approach to performing the network troubleshooting

To gain knowledge about the complex enterprise switching solutions using the Cisco enterprise


Course Outline

Our advanced professional certification programs and high-quality mock courses serve as a gateway for the learners interested in starting their career in the Global IT sector.
1Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE) v2.0
  1. Describe routing protocols, different remote connectivity options and their impact on routing, and implement RIPng
  2. Configure EIGRP in IPv4 and IPv6 environment
  3. Configure OSPF in IPv4 and IPv6 environment
  4. Implement route redistribution using filtering mechanisms
  5. Implement path control using policy based routing and IP SLA
  6. Implement enterprise Internet connectivity
  7. Secure Cisco routers according to best practices and configure authentication for routing protocols
2Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (SWITCH) v2.0
  1. Describe the hierarchical campus structure, basic switch operation, use of SDM templates, PoE, and LLDP
  2. Implement VLANs, trunks, explain VTP, implement DHCP in IPv4 and IPv6 environment, and configure port aggregation
  3. Implement and optimize STP mechanism that best suits your network - PVSTP+, RPVSTP+, or MSTP
  4. Configure routing on a multilayer switch
  5. Configure NTP, SNMP, IP SLA, port mirroring, and verify StackWise and VSS operation
  6. Implement First Hop redundancy in IPv4 and IPv6 environments
  7. Secure campus network according to recommended practices
3Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking (DCICN) v6.2
  1. Describe the characteristics and benefits of the Ethernet protocol. List Ethernet standardization.
  2. Describe the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) and TCP/IP models.
  3. Describe IPv4 and IPv6 network layer addressing.
  4. Describe the packet delivery process.
  5. Compare and contrast TCP/IP with the OSI model.
  6. Examine the Cisco Data Center network architectures, the 2- and the 3-tier network design, and the spine/leaf network design.
  7. Describe Cisco Nexus products and explain basic functionalities and tools of Cisco Nexus Operating System (Cisco NX-OS).
  8. Describe VLANs.
  9. Describe issues with Spanning Tree Protocol (STP).
  10. Describe the routing process on Nexus switches.
  11. Describe Layer 3 first hop redundancy.
  12. Describe and configure user security features.
  13. Describe access control list (ACL) object groups.
  14. Describe storage connectivity options in the data center. Compare Internet Small Computer Systems Interface (iSCSI), Fibre Channel, and NAS connectivity for remote server storage.
  15. Describe Fibre Channel storage networking.
  16. Describe virtual storage area networks (VSANs).
  17. Describe communication between the initiator and target.
  18. Describe Fibre Channel zone types and their uses.
  19. Describe Cisco N-Port Virtualizer (Cisco NPV) and N-Port ID Virtualization (NPIV).
  20. Describe data center Ethernet enhancements that provide a lossless fabric.
  21. Describe Fibre Channel over Ethernet.
  22. Describe the components of a Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) server.
  23. Describe the Cisco UCS physical connectivity for a Fabric Interconnect cluster.
  24. Describe the Cisco UCS Manager interfaces.

Exam Feature & Intro Video

Exam Number --
Tools Using Cisco Packer tracer
Exam Duration 2 Hrs (34 questions)

Course Features

  • Robust Support

  • High-tech Lab

  • Proficient Faculties

  • Ample Experience

  • Live seminars

  • Reliable Certification

  • No 1: Masters

  • Unrelenting Dedication

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  • Personalized Learning

  • Placement assistance

  • Innovative Courseware

Pre-Requirement Skills

Skill Needs

  • CCNA R&S50%

Opening Hours

We are open to serve the learners from Monday to Sunday, during the business hours.
  • 8am - 8pm
  • 10am - 1pm

Content Include

  • Course Certificate
  • Course Material
  • Video Tutorial
  • Exam Guidance
  • Industrial Visit
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