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O ur Elysium group of companies is founded in 1999 and managed to emerge as one of the largest global solutions firm in Asia and a pioneer in the Doctorate, Engineering and Academic zones. We already achieved 15 years of proficiency and expertise in the field of research to serve as a best firm for providing innovative concepts, solutions and services. With all our glory, we can assist you to reach a new zenith in the field of research. Elysium Technology Private Limited (ETPL) is established to provide comprehensive and ultimate service and solutions to the customers with the latest technologies to satisfy their expectations.

ETPL emerge as a leading India’s first educational and training organization for over a decade and a half, to offer sovereign learning and a pioneer in the education field using breakthrough technologies. With dedicated teams of technical and academic experts, the ETPL have been at the forefront of heralding the next advancement in learning, thus becoming a distinctive player in bridging geographical and cultural borders. Hence, Elysium Academy is an offspring of the ETPL , which has emerged as the best coaching institute in South India for Professional and Software courses.

ETPL initiated the Elysium Academy (EA) as the Indian Foundation to uphold the company’s commitment towards spreading high quality education, even across the rural areas of India and across the world. The foundation will augment its corporate social responsibility initiatives and focus on building an equitable society in sustainable development and all-around growth. EA is a proficient Coaching institute to understand and recognize the differences, celebrate and encourage diversity, promote and develop strengths and overcome the weakness of the students.

EA is established as a Top-Notch Coaching Institute in Software Courses to uphold the ultimatum of the company’s commitment towards spreading the high-level skill training center with programs, even across the rural areas of India and expanded across the world. The foundation will augment its corporate social responsibility initiatives and focus on building an equitable society in sustainable development and all-around growth.

Our unrivalled reach in providing a blend of traditional and digitized content to the colleges as in the guise of the workshops, seminars, campus corp, has helped in offering high-quality education to the students even in the most remote parts of Tamil Nadu and India through an extensive and well-connected network of the colleges. EA ’s firm foothold in the web-based solutions as well as the technical research solutions has helped to change the lifestyle of many students.

Establishment of Elysium Academy is meant for building equity across the education field irrespective of the changes in the global environment, to ignite the fire of learning and desire to teach, create an impact on the entire community and changing lives of millions of students and professors.

During the exploration of the learning horizon, we have been honoured promptly with accolades and awards that make us reiterate our resolution to live our vision every day and fulfil our mission.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate and train the students from the local and rural areas in India and all over the world, so that they become enlightened individuals and improve their living standards, with a foresight to the changes and problems and pioneers to offer innovative solutions to benefit the nation and the world at large. We will provide individual attention, world-class quality education to the students and promote their personality development.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to emerge as a leading global academy for the sake of students to ensure success in their academic careers and assure abundant International placements for our students through our honest and diligent professional training and guidance. With our vision we create a lofty and consistent value for our students to lead them towards a global standard.

Excellent Coaching Institute in Madurai

EA as a pioneer relies on the continuous quest for the next technological revolution in learning, to ensure high quality education, even in the remote parts of the country, using the technological breakthroughs. Our passion for enabling cutting-edge education delivery managed us to grow dramatically in the past one and a half decades.

The prime motive of the EA is to nurture the inherent potential and talent of each student and create lifelong learners and innovative global citizens with a strong sense of values. We at EA will impart futuristic technical education, according to the global standards and instil high patterns of discipline through our dedicated staff, for making our students technologically superior and strong.

Our main policies epitomize vibrancy and sensitivity to the needs of all stakeholders. Our existence in the educational horizon is marked with technology-enabled products, high quality personnel, structured workflow and entrepreneurial leadership to deliver matchless services.

EA makes the students understand the requirements of global software technologies and technical advancements instead of mere learning. Our continuous assessment offloads the examination burden of the students. Enriched with human values and life skills, our curriculum ensures the grand success of the students in all their future activities. With its ample experience, EA gloriously leads the students towards the enlightened future. Our camp corporation program provides multifold services to help the colleges to reflect on their current reality and reach the highest level of effectiveness.

EA , being a forefront as a Pioneer of Coaching Institute in Software professional courses, aimed to equip each student with the technology-based educational skills through smart learning sessions. Our collection of online and supplemental education solutions promised us a consistent reach to the end-users. If education is all about intellectual and mental evolution, then EA raises high in the scale of evolution and accomplishing new zeniths of success .

EA is the place of the right people with high expertise for delivering innovative solutions with appropriate mixing of the cutting edge technology expertise and sound domain knowledge. This enables us to deliver the solutions that add strategic business value to our customers from worldwide.

The unique and fresh content created by our content experts is constantly upgraded to provide the best and most up-to-date texts for the students. The instructional material is generated after a long process of the research, which relies on the best practices and proven educational techniques by the content writing and developing team, including leading and experienced educationalists, research associates, faculty and content animators.

We give personality development and grooming classes for the overall development of the students and make them competent enough to face the competitive world. After finishing the course, our faculties help the students to develop their portfolios for getting the right job as per the student’s interest and command area. Our teams always try to impart their knowledge to make the students be proficient.

We understand the importance of practical training and designed our course in such a way that the students can learn practically. With the help of our exclusive training, we always try to enhance the analytical and critical reasoning skills of the students.

We strongly believe that it can contribute to the growing economy by giving back to society to build stronger and prosperous communities. Through this initiative, EA employees and technological expertise aim to make a difference in the career of many students and their learning experiences.

Our experienced faculties in the EA have resolved to create a differentiated education model which does not focus only on awarding certification but also committed to building the career of the students. Our proficient faculty team has completely refined the paradigm of test preparation. Our EA harnesses the power of the community where the learners can make immediate use of their newly acquired skills by sharing their knowledge with their peers. Students can learn their best when they share and debate ideas with fellow learners, to understand their different experiences and perspectives and develop their own knowledge.

Academy Digital Experience

Our digitally enabled Lecture Platform allows the instructors to use the animation, video, audio and other presentation tools,
to ensure an advanced coaching institute learning environment for the students.

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Coaching Institute in Madurai :

Topic Highlights

Coaching Institute in Madurai: In general, we provide workshop, weekend seminar, placement along with certification training to the students. To point out, we provide you with the training beyond the expectation. Another key point, training programs provided are framed according to the latest technology. Our main objective is to make the students skilled enough to face their interviews. In fact, our experienced professionals guide you with advanced learning terminologies. With our practical training, you can directly implement that into your workplace. Elysium Academy Overview gives you an idea of our services.

Best Coaching Institute in Madurai

Markedly, we have successfully delivered students with industrial training. After the completion, of the course, we also provide you placement support. And also personality development and how to face the interviews. Many certifications are available such as Microsoft, Cisco, etc. With our practical training, you can directly implement that into your workplace.

Professional Coaching Institute for Courses

Even non-it students can also register for a course to get placed in a software company. Also if you are a NRI student, you can also grab knowledge from their place itself. As we provide you with online training, you can learn anywhere at any time. Our mentors will clarify all your doubts instantly. In addition, we also have a 24/7 online support team who will be there always to help you.

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