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Android Development Course

Android Mobile App Development Course

Android Development Course

Overview of Android Mobile App Development Course

Android Development Course: Android is a mobile operating system based on a modified version of the Linux kernel, other open source software and also designing for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets mobile app development courses. It builds on custom virtual machine android gives its users the additional usage and application power, to initiate an interactive, efficient application and operational software for your phone.

The Android Software Development Kit (SDK) provides the Mobile App Development Courses Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and tools that will require to start the development of applications on the Android platform using Java programming language. Android SDK contains several programs to develop an application on Android.

Elysium Academy Private Limited, the international training institute offers Android certification course for the beginners. As well as, certification helps you to take a big opportunity in the IT industry using software training course. Our android certification course and training by the expert trainers help to increase your developing skills with best guidance support.

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Why learn Android?

Learn how to create fun, engaging and real world android apps using Java. And how to work with APIs, web services and advanced databases. In this course, teaches the basic concepts from first iOS app development course starting with Hello World to advanced topics such as advanced graphics and performance. This course is structured in such way to improve your knowledge and able to build something meaningful that will aid your understanding of android development.

Learning Outcomes

Get the practical knowledge to create a mobile application

Good platform for lucrative pay package

Become efficient and successful programmer to build a strong foundation in career

Enhance your skills and prepare for market need


Course Outline

Our advanced professional certification programs and high-quality mock courses serve as a gateway for the learners interested in starting their career in the Global IT sector.
1 Hello Android Framework
  • 1.1 Introduction
  • 1.2 Creating an Android Project
  • 1.3 Running Your Application
  • 1.4 Running you project on the emulator
  • 1.5 Components of an Android application
  • 1.6 Application Life-cycle
  • 1.7 Modifying created project
  • 1.8 Change activity’s name
2Android SDK Tools and Activity Class
  • 2.1 Android Software Layers
  • 2.2 Android Libraries
  • 2.3 The Android Manifest File
  • 2.4 Structure of the Manifest File
  • 2.5 Android SDK Tools
  • 2.6 Activity life-cycle through Java
  • 2.7 Create an Activity
  • 2.8 Methods to remember
3ListActivity and ListView
  • 3.1 Introduction
  • 3.3 Using Views
  • 3.4 Adding a View to your application
  • 3.5 List Views and List Activity
  • 3.6 Using a ListActivity
  • 3.7 Adding ListView
  • 3.8 Add Event to List Items
  • 3.9Summary
  • 3.10 Methods to remember
4Intents and Intent filters
  • 4.1 Introduction
  • 4.2 Intents
  • 4.3 Explicit Intents
  • 4.4 Implicit Intents
  • 4.5 Intent to Call Activities
  • 4.6 Direct calls
  • 4.7 Sub-activities: Calling Activities for Results
  • 4.8 Register an Intent Filter
  • 4.9 Methods to remember
5Custom Views
  • 5.1 Introduction
  • 5.2 Different Uses of Customized Views
  • 5.3 Modify Existing Views
  • 5.4 Step by Step
  • 5.5 What is in onDraw()
  • 5.6 The full picture
6Dialogs and Toasts
  • 6.1 Dialogs
  • 6.2 Dialog sub-classes
  • 6.3 Creating dialogs with user-defined layout
  • 6.4 Activities with Dialog Theme
  • 6.5 Toasts
  • 6.6 Methods to remember
7Android Notifications
  • 7.1 Introduction
  • 7.2 Creating a notification
  • 7.3 Notification actions
  • 7.4 Example: NotificationManager
  • 7.5 Summary

Exam Feature & Intro Video

Exam Number --
Tools Using Android Studio
Exam Duration 2 Hrs (34 questions)

Course Features

  • Robust Support

  • High-tech Lab

  • Proficient Faculties

  • Ample Experience

  • Live seminars

  • Reliable Certification

  • No 1: Masters

  • Unrelenting Dedication

  • From Top Level Industry

  • Personalized Learning

  • Placement assistance

  • Innovative Courseware

Pre-Requirement Skills

Skill Needs

  • Java70%

Opening Hours

We are open to serve the learners from Monday to Sunday, during the business hours.
  • 8am - 8pm
  • 10am - 1pm

Content Include

  • Course Certificate
  • Course Material
  • Video Tutorial
  • Exam Guidance
  • Industrial Visit
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