Data Science Skills - Kick Start Your Career In Data Science
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July 10, 2019
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R and Python
R and Python Which Programming is Right For Your Career?
July 10, 2019
learn r tool
Learn R Tool Programming Helps in Future
July 18, 2019

Data Science Skills – Kick Start Your Career in Data Scientist

Data Science Skills

Data Science Skills: Coding skills clubbed with the knowledge of statistics and it is the ability to think critically. To make up the arsenal of a successful data scientist. Some of the in-demand Data Scientist knowledge and skills that may fetch into the massive career opportunities in Data Science are:

  • R Tool Programming
  • Python Coding
  • Hadoop Platform
  • SQL Database/Coding
  • Apache Spark
  • Machine Learning Course
  • Data Visualization

Become a Data Scientist

There are 8 steps to becoming a data scientist

  • Get better at stats, both machine learning, and math. Take Machine Learning Course.
  • Learn to code. Computer science, development and also language.
  • Understand the databases. Data types, python course technologies store them, and methods to retrieve the data.
  • Mastering data visualization, tools, and reporting.
  • Level up with the Data Analytics course. Massive tools such as Hadoop, MapReduce, and spark.
  • Get higher experience, practice and meet fellow data scientists.
  • Internship, Bootcamp or getting into a job.
  • Follow and engage with the community.

Do You Know How Much A Data Scientists Earn In India?

Data scientist are trendy commodities in the industries now. In demand for data, scientists have worldwide but particularly in India, the global hub for analytics. Whether it is IT, giants. Thousands of startups may spring up in the past 3 years, everyone wants to people who are making sense of their data. We all know that the data scientists will command high salaries than software professionals. Also greater than marketing professionals, higher even than finance professionals.

In-Demand Data Science Careers

Nowadays, data science experts are needed in virtually each and every job sector. These are the top 5 massive technology companies such as Google, Apple, Amazon, microsoft cloud, and Facebook. In order to break into these high-paying, in-demand roles the latest education is generally required.

Business Intelligence (BI) Developer

Average Salary: $89,333

In this BI developers develop and designing the strategies to assist the business users in quickly finding the data and information they need to create better business decisions.

Data Architect

Average Salary: $137,630

It enhances the data solutions are created for performance and design analytics applications for many platforms.

Applications Architect

Average Salary: $134,520

Tracking the behavior of applications which utilize within a business and how they will interact with each other and with users.

Infrastructure Architect

Average Salary: $126,353

Entire business systems may work at optimally and it will support the development of new technologies and system requirements.

Data Scientist

Average Salary: $139,840

Organize, find and clean the data for companies. Data scientists Career may need to be able to analyze a huge amount of complex raw and processed information. When compared to data analysts, data scientists are huge technical.


Average Salary: $93,589

Analyze, interpret, and also report statistical information, like formulas and data for business purposes.

Machine Learning Engineer

Average Salary: $114,826

To build a data funnels and delivering the software solutions.

Machine Learning Course Scientist

Average Salary: $139,840

Typical Job Requirements: Research the latest data approaches and algorithms.

Data Engineer

Average Salary: $151,307

Perform batch processing or else real-time Software Testing Course on gathered and storing the data. Build data readable for the data scientists.

Data Analyst

Average Salary: $83,878

Transforming and manipulating the large data sets to suit the desired analysis for many companies. This role will also include tracking web analytics and analysing the A/B testing.