Data Science Jobs - Job Opportunities In Data Science Career
Career in Data Science
A Complete Guide to Build a Career in Data Science
October 8, 2020
Data Science Vs AI
Data Science Vs AI: Which is Better?
November 2, 2020
Career in Data Science
A Complete Guide to Build a Career in Data Science
October 8, 2020
Data Science Vs AI
Data Science Vs AI: Which is Better?
November 2, 2020

Data Science Job Opportunities: Choose the Right Path

Data Science Jobs

Data Science Jobs - In recent days, Data Science is the keyword to search for jobs in this real world. There is a day-to-day evolution in data science technology which makes it more attractive. Since data science is useful for the generation of an enormous amount of data, it has tremendous demand across the globe. The ways of gathering and analyzing data have become crucial to organizations and to determine the influence on a particular industry. Data Science course is a popular topic which gains more attention than other classes to learn.

Why Data Science?

Data Science has a role in creating a crucial application in most industries. It influences both companies and consumers. Most of the leading companies are implementing Data Science Technologies, for their elevation in business sectors. Thus, it happens to be a game-changing factor for industry to shine in its aspects. The demand can see the growth of the data science of this course learning numbers. There is always a high demand for Data Science jobs. It is believed that the job opportunities related to Data Science may increase by 29% per year, but it has increased abruptly to incredible demand, in recent years.

Demand for Data Science

Data is needed everywhere by everyone in this world. With the help of data, every people can organize and focus on more and more insights for business. With such Data information available, several organization can evaluate, progress and build a solution for business. Additionally, it gains more attention and attracts people, and such get demand in Data Science jobs right now. The need for Data science jobs is getting even higher and higher every year due to its several application in various sectors.

Everywhere in this world, Data Science experts are needed in each sector. Due to its high paying and demand roles, Data Science has evolved as a remarkable sector for IT and business companies. Thus, learning Data Science Course is not essential, but choosing the right option in the Data Science career is most important for your future. Let us take a look at Job careers in Data Science.

There are several options related to Data Science. The roles within this sector are complementary with specific technical and non-technical skills. Some of the leading job career options are:

Data Scientist

Data Scientist is a highly paid role in Data Science Jobs. It involves the part of understanding the challenges and find solutions for business using Data Analytics techniques. They are the bridging between the programmer and the implementation of data in the business sector.

Recommended Prerequisites: Basic Python programming and R programming with manipulation

Skills needed: Machine learning, Data tools, Data visualization

Average salary: 3,37,000 - 20,00,000 (in Rupees)

Machine learning Engineer

This role involves in building, implementing and maintaining machine learning technology products. They deliver funnels and data software solutions. They are in charge of running test and experiments for monitoring the systems.

Recommended Prerequisites: Basic Python Programming with machine learning course

Skills needed: programming, Machine Learning, Cloud computing

Average salary: 2,51,000 - 10,00,000 (in rupees)

Data Analysts

Data analyst involves using tools for data understanding and manipulation of an organization. They should be able to visualize the ways of gathering data to help in business decisions.

Recommended Prerequisites: Excel proficiency, Basic Python and R programming.

Skills needed: Excel handling, Probability and Statistics,/p>

Average salary: 1,97,000 - 9,12,000 (in rupees)

Data Engineer

In Data Science Jobs - Data Engineer mostly relies on software engineering to handle data. They are in charge of coding, implementing request that comes form scientist. They test and maintain the highly scalable data for an organization.

Recommended Prerequisites: Basic Python programming and manipulations

skills needed: Web frameworks, Spark , Hadoop Training, Big data

Average salary: 2,30,000 - 15,00,000 ( in rupees)

Apart from the above-listed career options, there are few more options in Data Science like a Business analyst, Enterprise Architect, statistician and Business Developer.

In Data Science Jobs, experts are needed in every sector across the globe, like private to government sectors. Data Science Jobs will be automated within the next five years. So, most of the business and government sectors rely on big data and Data science for their business establishment.