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October 24, 2020
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Data Science Vs AI

Data Science Vs AI - Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are just two words which gain more popularity in this revolutionized world. These two terms tend to change the view of approaching the products and its uses. Both these techs tend to attract every youngster and get move towards it. Besides, they both tend to hold a vast place in this world.

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence fall in the same domain, which is connected. But they have their style of specific applications and meaning of the working process. They may tend to overlap in every part with each one competitive one another. But, they still found to be a controversial topic to be discussed in the business world.

What is Data Science?

This question is being raised and attracted by several people due to its demand in this emerging world. So, Data Science is a broad field of studying and analysing data and process, which can be used for prediction. Data Science involved handling tools, application, principles and algorithms. Besides, this field focuses on data modelling to track every data sets.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is a tech term which is frequently used in our day to day. Also, AI is joined with the futuristic world of robots and its world. Artificial Intelligence is to execute some automation process which is being a replication of social stimulation. AI enables the machine to experience and feed the correct information for the sectors they are being used. Usually, AI depends on deep learning and processing and identifying patterns. Machine learning also a part of Artificial Intelligence which tends to learn and improve intelligence.

How Data Science differs from Artificial Intelligence?

Data Science is analysing of data from resources. In every day, we come across a various number of data which tends to change and studied for multiple purposes. Data Science involves only in Data operations like collecting, analysing and processing data for the growth of the business. Data science deals with structured and unstructured data works.

When compared with artificial intelligence, Data science is an entirely different aspect. Artificial intelligence is used as a tool for Data Scientist. Besides, using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course only, a Data Scientist can perform some tasks in data prediction and processing.

Also, there are several roles and requirements of the business which highlights the critical differences between them.

Data Science Vs Artificial Intelligence - Major Differences

Data Science includes operating on Data which can perform collecting, sourcing and processing. Whereas AI involves logic decisions and performing actions related to human stimulation.

Data Science uses both AI and Machine learning course as a tool. Whereas, AI is a tool used by Data Scientist and Includes machine learning also.

Data Science uses structured and unstructured data. At the same time, AI uses logic decision and trees.

Data Science covers various sectors, like healthcare analysis and fraud detection. At the same time, AI is used as applications like Chatbots and Voice Assistants.

Data Science is a comprehensive process of analysis of data. On the other hand, AI is to forecast future events.

Data Science has concepts of statistical techniques, whereas AI involves computer algorithms.

Using Data Science, we can predict statistical insights into the business. On the Other hand, AI is used for building humanoid models.

AI is evolving more and more in this technological world, But Data Science does not involve as scientific progressing.

Comparing Jobs in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence have more lucrative career roles among them. Besides, the career option provided by both technology is getting more and more attraction among people.

So, In Data Science, career roles include Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Machine learning engineer, Data Engineer are the top lucrative options.

Whereas In Artificial Intelligence, roles include Machine Learning Engineer, Artificial Intelligence Architect, AI Research Specialist gets more options.

To conclude, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are the two terms which are inter dependable. Besides, AI is a vast domain that is not getting more attraction, whereas Data science is a field which gets more attention due to its versatility. Therefore, in the end, Data Science is a job which uses AI as a tool to perform various strategies in Data processing. And, Artificial Intelligence is a tool used for creating more innovative products with social stimulation. Even though they overlap in multiple sectors, their specific functionalities differ and have respective areas of application.