Features of AngularJS - Build a Single Page Application
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January 28, 2019
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Features of AngularJS – Single Page Application with AngularJS

Features of AngularJS: Nowadays, the most popular and powerful framework is AngularJS. It is a javascript framework for building a dynamic web application. This AngularJS Certification Course is intend for programmers, web developers and graduates and to help candidates differentiate in today's competitive job market and broaden their employment opportunities.


With AngularJS, designers can use HTML as a template language and also it allow the extension of html syntax to convey the application components effortlessly. It offers a simplify way to manage codes and also is a great tool for modern developers who demand fast performance and responsiveness in their web applications. The thing about Angular is that it has a set of ready to use modules to simplify building of single page applications. This course enables you to master Front End Development with angular. As well as, it helps you to gain in depth knowledge about this framework such as Single Page Application, Directives, and Bootstrap Grid System and so on.

AngularJS Using Single Page Application

Currently, single page applications are becoming increasing in popular. They have the capability to provide the feel of a phone and tablet application. Single page application is a web based application that fits on a single page. Therefore, all your code (i.e.) HTML, CSS and javascript will retrieve with a single page load. As well as, it helps to create applications easily.

Advantages of AngularJS

Better User Experience:Single Page application can be feel like a native application. Similarly, it is fats and responsive.

Ability to Work Offline:If a user lost an internet connection, the single page application can still work because all the pages are already load.

No Page Refresh:When you are using single page application, you don’t need to refresh the whole page, just load the part of the page that is want to be change.

Features of AngularJS

Generally, Features of AngularJS has the unique features that make it a powerful tool for the development of dynamic websites.

Two way Binding:This framework deals with the collection of the data that the applications run on. Now this data can both the form of static and dynamic. However, the two way binding can change the both model and view by changing the value.

Directives:It extends the HTML with the set of inbuilt attributes known as directives. The directives can also be a self-created using this framework. The major function is to enhance the functionality of HTML to make it suitable for dynamic client side applications.

Test friendly:Javascript is an interpreted language so it make necessary for the developers to pay more attention to the test ability of the code. However, this framework has been built with all features that supports testing with features like Dependency Injection. Through this DI, testers can easily insert the test data to check its output and also behaviour.

Events:It has the list of event directives that execute with the HTML events. Some of the events are ng-click, ng-focus, ng-blur, ng-change that enhance the capability of web development course applications.

AngularJS Certification Courses

In today's competitive job market AngularJS Certification Courses can help candidates differentiate from other candidates and also broaden their job opportunities. Angular is the leading front end web application development. Although, the demand for angular developers is increasing day by day. Website development companies are constantly looking for certified professionals in this framework. As a matter of fact, learn this concept to become a web developer with the knowledge to create a rich interactive framework for a real time experience. This AngularJS IT Certification Courses contains all complete courses for the UI development and web technology that provides deep knowledge in HTML, CSS, and learn JavaScript and elevate the career to next level such as JS Engineer, UI Architect and Front-end Architect and so on.