Front End Technologies List - Everyone should know about
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Front End Technologies List Everyone should know about

Front End Technologies List: The web technologies and that the range of the mobile devices gets modernized with the access of swiftly grows in Front End Development. In fact, the web developers and also designers are the extremists to getting into the complex and complicated way. Here some list of front end technologies

Front End Technologies List

  • Angular.js
  • React.js
  • Node.js
  • Ember.js
  • Knockout.js
  • Vue.js
  • Polymer.js


Angular.js is one of the most widely appreciated and it is used to Front End Development tools. At the same time, the Google products are versatility in the versions is huge. In this learn JavaScript-based open source web development framework is managing the community of developing the single page application.


React.js is the most popular JavaScript library for building the exquisite user interfacing and web pages knowing the scalability, simplicity and also speed. Reach JS is managing the community of developers, Instagram and also Facebook. This react.js works on user interfaces in applications. It corresponds to the view of the MVC template.


Node.js is one of the open source JavaScript run time environment that will execute the JavaScript code outside the browser. The node.js is the Front End Development platform which it’s built the chrome's runtime for simple building scale and fast networking applications. It allows the creation of networking and also servers using a JavaScript and it that the collection of modules in various core functionality.


Ember.js is the open source also it is the client-side framework which it is used for developing the web applications. It allows to build the client side JavaScript applications to provide the complete solution which it’s consists the data management and that the application flow. Ember.js provides the command line interface utility that integrates the ember patterns into the development process and focusing the developer productivity.


The Knockout.js is a standalone JavaScript implementation of the model view patterns with the templates. It provides a simple way to handle the complex data driven interfaces in Front End Development. At the same time, the Knockout.js having the session of UI that will update dynamically. For example, changing the depended on the user's actions or else which its external data source changes.


The Vue.js is one of the most the familiar businesses have been practiced both the individual as long as enterprise levels. These are various tools and techniques that utilize the developers for launching successful applications. In this VBue.js is current web software technologies that will widely use to web development. As well as it is the JavaScript with several optional tools for building the user interfaces.


Polymer.js is the open source JavaScript and it allows the HTML elements for building the application with the components. This facilitates create the custom elements easily which it’s utilize the CSS, HTML, Features of AngularJS and Web Development framework for adding the interactions to the elements. It provides the simple way to create the custom HTML elements because this library consists the web standards API.