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Web Server Performance Comparison | Linux vs Windows

Linux vs Windows

A web server is a program that will utilize the Hypertext Transfer Protocol to serve the files from the web pages to the users in response to their requests. All the computers that host web sites having web server programs in Learn Linux vs Windows. In order to, considerations in selecting a web server include how well it works with the operating system and also other servers it is the ability to handling the server side programming.

Windows Operating System

Windows is a series of the operating system, Learn Laravel Framework, computer OS which it’s developed in Microsoft for the personal devices/desktops or else computer. At the same time, OS comes with the graphical user interface with the desktop which allows a user to view all the videos, files. The windows OS comes into all the company who made laptops or else PC's network architect. Latest Windows OS version is Windows 10 which it’s currently demanding in the market.

Linux Operating System

In this Linux Operating System based on the UNIX. Users may modify the creating distributions and existing code from the open source operating system. The Linux OS comes with a graphical user interface with some of the necessary software which can utilize a daily basis. It is commonly used for the server also most of the Web Server over the internet which it’s generated from the Linux servers. Such as digital storing devices, cameras, video recorders, mobile devices, desktop computers and also Linux running.

Difference between Linux vs Windows Linux windows
1 In Linux user have to access to the source code of the kernel and alter the code according to its need. The windows in every user don't have to access the source code only the members of the selected group will have to access it.
2 Linux has several distributors which it’s highly customizable based on the user needs. Windows are a few customization options available
3 The Linux command line is an essential tool for an administration and its daily tasks but that the end users it doesn't make much difference. In windows, command line but it can't use as the Linux command line.
4 Linux is complicated too, but it has the ability to complete the task easier. Windows gives the users a simple system to operate but it will longer time to install.

Comparison between Linux and Windows

  1. Linux is the open source operating system whether Windows OS is a commercial.
  2. Linux may run faster than windows latest editions as well as windows does not have to access the source code.
  3. Linux vs Windows may support the huge varieties of free software than window but that the windows have an extended collection of video game software.
  4. Both the Linux and Windows have the same priority over the hardware and driver support in the current situation.