Data Scientist Career: Get Coolest Job For Data Scientist
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July 30, 2021
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August 24, 2021
Android App Developer Skills
Master The Art Of Eye-Opener – Android App Developer Skills
July 30, 2021
IT Programming Certifications
IT Career Opportunities: Design your Career with Elysium Academy
August 24, 2021

Data Scientist Career

Data Scientist Career: Data scientists are professional breed experts responsible for analyzing, collecting and evaluating a remarkably huge amount of technical data. Their role is finding out the technical problems and sort out those problems and their functions such as scientist, computer professional, mathematician and statistician. They lead a position in both IT and the business world; they are highly in demand and well paid.

Data science is the field of study that includes obtaining sense from all of the data collected. Therefore, a certified Data Scientists have the following skills in this existing field,

  • Data analytics skills
  • Data mathematical skills.
  • Programming skills.
  • Machine learning method skills.
  • Intellectual curiosity skills.
  • Communication skills.
  • Business intelligence skills.
  • Data visualization skills.

Data analytics skills

  • As a Data scientist, the following skills have to be updated by yourself.
  • They have to obtain database knowledge by using tools such as Microsoft® SQL Server, Oracle® Database, Teradata® and MySQL®.
  • Structured Query Language (SQL) is the universal industry-standard database language.
  • In addition, they have to acquire knowledge based on Microsoft excel, critical thinking, R or Python–statistical programming, presentation skills, machine learning and data visualization.

Data mathematical skills.

  • Data scientists should learn probability, statistics and mathematical analysis.
  • Probability is the type of possibility that an event will happen.
  • Statistics is the field of study concerned with improving and studying methods for examining, collecting, evaluating and performing observed data.
  • Mathematical analysis is the branch of mathematics linked with limits and related theories, for example, measure, integration, differentiation, analytic functions and infinite series.

Programming skills.

  • In this stage, they have to be a master at least one programming language.
  • Programming tools including SAS, R and Python are most important while performing analytics in data.
  • SAS is software that can mine, manage, alter and recover data from various sources and present statistical analysis on the data.
  • R is an open software environment for statistical computing and graphics that supports Machine Learning algorithms like association, regression and clustering in Data Analytics.
  • Python is a coding and general-purpose programming language. Python libraries such as SciPy and NumPy are used in Data Science.

Machine learning method skills.

  • In these skills, they have to be a Master on familiar with Machine Learning.
  • Machine Learning can perform through various algorithms like Naive Bayes, Regressions, K Means Clustering, KNN, SVM and Decision Tree algorithms.
  • They have to learn data wrangling that concerns cleaning, managing and organizing data. Modern tools for data wrangling join Flume, R, Python and Scoop.

Intellectual curiosity skills.

  • They have to know Big Data tools like Hadoop, Apache Spark, Tableau and Talend, which are applied to cope with large and complex data.
  • It is also that can’t be dealt with through traditional data processing software.
  • It helps develop a beginner's mind that can help you avoid being trapped by your knowledge in a subject.

Communication skills

  • A Data Scientist should speak the same language, so they can easily communicate with the audience.
  • They have to use empathy for compelling data Storytelling for needed places.
  • They have to speak the language of the business.
  • They should focus on outcomes and value.
  • They have to focus on the opportunity at hand.

Business intelligence skills

  • They have to predict in real-time which product a consumer is most likely to buy.
  • They have to form a weighted network among business micro-events and micro responses.
  • Therefore decisions can be made without human intervention, then updating that network with every outcome to learn as it acts.
  • They have to estimate at the SKU level each day with every sale.
  • They have to identify the rare events, like credit card fraud, and assigning automated notifications to customers and staff.
  • They have to create clusters of buyers based on dozens of properties and behaviour before targeting them with custom messaging.

Data visualization skills.

  • Data Scientist has to develop the ability to visualize results of the analytics.
  • Data visualization combines several data sets and generates a visual display of the results by applying diagrams, graphs, and charts.
  • They have to learn how to manage databases and become proficient with data visualization software.
  • They need to understand the data's audience purpose and choose the right visualization.
  • They have to make it easy to read and keep the visualization clean.
  • They have to use crisp and clear, concise language for the targeted audience.


Our Elysium Academy provides courses to upgrade skills of data scientist. Data Scientists are committed to sharing their results with important stakeholders, therefore these roles necessitate someone who is not just skilled with data, but also capable of translating and communicating discoveries across the enterprise.