Top 7 Highest Paying Programming Languages In 2023- To Know
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November 2, 2020
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December 19, 2020
Data Science Vs AI
Data Science Vs AI: Which is Better?
November 2, 2020
demand IT Jobs 2023
Most in Demand IT jobs 2023 to know about
December 19, 2020

Top 7 Highest Paying Programming Languages

Highest Paying Programming Languages: Today's world is becoming more economical and financially healthy. Getting a six-digit salary has become a dream for every youngster. Learning a programming language and getting paid with the highest salary is the primary goal for most of the people around the world. Because, without computer programming language, it is difficult for everyone to handle machines. Every programmer's important work is to run a programming language.

It is very accurate that technology changes at a rapid space. This increasing sophistication of computers and its programming languages has made its demand on payscale every year. It is known that the coding is essential that it instructs a machine to execute its action. As a result, programming languages are getting more demand than machines.

With various programming languages available to software programmers, picking an exclusive one for a high paying job is a tricky one. One must consider the factors of each Language and coding to get placed in a top MNC sector.

So, based on the survey, the top 7 Highest Paying Programming Languages based on their responses are

  • Scala
  • Go
  • Python
  • Kotlin
  • Java
  • Objective-C
  • Swift

Let's get started with these programming languages which will be high demand in the next and future technological world.


Scala is another highest paying programming languages which were developed by the German computer Scientist. It is found to be an alternative Option to Java Language. It has a static type which eradicates any bugs present in the complicated applications and improves the high performance of the system.

  • Scala is both Object-oriented and Functional Programming Language
  • It reduces the performance-related issues along with the runtime.
  • It integrates easily with JAva rather than any other languages.
  • It makes the program runs fast and efficient due to its unique Feature called Lazy Evaluation.
  • It finds abundance application in Big Data Analytics.

Scala's unique features enable it to be parallel processing and Language, which performs at high speed with efficiency. It gains its popularity in NetFlix, LinkedIn and Twitter as billion-dollar turnover businesses.

Approximate Salary-The Average Salary of Scala Developer is $115,446 around the world, and in India, it is around Rs. 1,007,861.


Go is a programming language developed by Google and introduced in the year 2009. It is an open-source application and has worldwide services. It also serves as multithreaded tasks efficient processing programming language. It was developed in the aspect of reducing the overcome of the failing in the coding languages by developers.

  • unique characteristics such as static typing, runtime efficiency, multiprocessing
  • Large data sets are used to understand the workflow.
  • Type safety, garbage collection adds a special to the lure fo Go for coders.
  • Eliminates the outward reliance with a powerful standard library.
  • Go is believed to be the server programming language and one of the highest paying languages in our future.

Approximate Salary -The average salary is around $115,685 across the world, and in India, it is Rs. 1,154,896


You can see that Python language always tops the list and may remain for a long time due to its versatility and also is an open-source language.

Python is the most promising programming language which is easier to understand and learn on our own. It was created in 1991 by Guido Van Rossum. Due to its simplicity and versatile, it is one of the best programming languages in 2023. Also, It supports various multiple operating systems for programming.

  • Python is an open-source platform.
  • Python is an Object-Oriented Programming Language
  • As it is a high-level Language, it created one system, can run on a second one.
  • It supports both the Android operating system and loosely resembles in a mobile computing system.
  • Besides, Python is a general-purpose language, which makes complex applications much more comfortable.

Significant MNC sectors and Tech Companies have chosen Python as their primary backend programming language. More and more implementations are expected to be experienced in the upcoming year for Python developers. So, Learning a Python Course with Certification is the most significant advantage for a software developer.

Approximate Salary- The Average Salary is around $85,395 across the world, and in India, it would be Rs. 8,50,000 approximately.


Kotlin is yet another programming language for past years which has become more popular. It is a user-friendly language with easy typing features. It quickly runs on Virtual Machine of Java, and it is 100% inter operatable Language. It is very applicable in both front end and back end development.

  • Unique Feature of null safety, data classes makes it's unique.
  • Offering syntax which is easy to learn and grasp.
  • Kotlin integrates well easily with Java which makes it interoperable.
  • Maintains and checks compiler and its runtime
  • It is officially announced as Android Programming Language.

Kotlin is a license-free open source Language which encourages the community to exchange ideas for development. For a new programming language to be learnt, Kotlin is the best.

Approximate Salary- The average salary is $98,763 across the world, and in India, it is Rs. 4,66,347.


Java is all time programming language for all software developers since ages. It is the most demanding languages today. It is primarily used for product development in several sectors. But it is now evolved to be appreciated in cross-platforms. It has a robust developing in the enterprise application solution and automation testing. It is one of the primary reason, which is why Java is being listed in top 7 programming languages across the world.

  • Allows code to be prepared on one machine and runtime on another
  • It is the best choice for developing an application for Android.
  • It has automatic memory allocation and ensures sufficient memory usages.
  • secure Language for code for top coders
  • It allows information exchange between multiple computers, needs additional APIs.

Java is actively developed and applied for both mobile and server applications and is used as the tool to create Android Apps. Thus, Learning a Java course with Certification is the best way to earn a lot.

Approximate Salary- The average salary is $85,086 across the world and in India, its Rs. 7,09,837.

Objective C

Next on our list Objective C language, which is mainly used for Apple Network. This is purely developed for Mac OS and iOS. Due to the demand of Apple in the Market, this Highest Paying Programming Languages gains more popularity.

  • Unique Language developed for Apple.
  • High demanding languages for its speciality.
  • Dependent on Apple makes it more popular among developers.
  • Objective-C supports OOP’s four core aspects, including encapsulation, inheritance, data hiding, and polymorphism.
  • It is a general-purpose and object-oriented programming built on top of C programming.

Since it has long been used, tested, and implemented across different Apple platforms, Objective-C is a stable, reliable, and mature language.

Approximate Salary- The average salary is #101, 085 across the world, and in India, it is Rs. 5,74,286.


Swift is a general-purpose, and multi-paradigm compiled Language developed by Apple. It is beginner-friendly Language, launched in 2014. It is a single platform providing diversified applications to cloud services.

  • Fundamentals are based on Objective-C.
  • Flexible and secure programming.
  • It is user-friendly, expressive, interactive and fast.
  • Its syntax allows developers to express their ideas concisely.
  • It is highly scalable and allows to pre-existing code.

Swift is believed to be the primary Language for Apple products. Due to the demand and popularity of Apple products, this Language gains more attention among programmers.

Approximate Salary- The average salary is around $97,271 and in India, its Rs. 5,85, 671.

To conclude, these are the top 10 highest paying programming languages in 2022 and 20223 which are expected to stay practical and accessible throughout the year and more. The learning and knowledge of these languages will help you to improve your skills and job opportunities.