Top 7 Emerging Best Programming Languages to Know In 2020
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January 10, 2020

Best Programming Languages: Over the past few years, several Learn programming languages became a huge scale. There is a terrific demand for programmers these days. It is essential to know the basic understanding of any language. In this blog post, let see some of the most popular programming languages in 2020.

7 Best Programming Languages in 2020

Here there are top 7 programming languages to know in 2020 such as


Without any doubt, Python is broadly accepted as an emerging programming language to learn. However, it is fast, easy-to-use, and easy to deploy languages is useful to build web applications. Some of the following websites are built-in Python, such as Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest, etc. In fact, it offers excellent library support, and it has an active developer community. Those who are seeking for a better job, make sure to know Python. Most companies are using Python language as their primary backend stack. Therefore, this becomes a massive opportunity for full-stack Python developers.


  • Simple Code
  • Supports Libraries
  • Possibility of Asynchronous Coding


Whether you are in the programming field or not, you must hear the term "Java." Hence, this is the major reason java is the popular programming language. This language is widely used by many organizations to develop different kinds of applications. It is incredibly stable, and therefore, Java Certification for Beginners makes the well-suitable choice for android application. In fact, Java is useful to produce high functional programs and platforms. Almost any type of business needs an Android Application owing to the fact there are billions of Android users in these days.


  • Automatic Memory Management
  • Stability
  • Does Not Require a Specific Hardware Infrastructure
  • Easily Manageable Language
  • Object-Oriented Programming


R Programming Language for Beginners is one of the most popular languages is useful for Data Analysis and Machine Learning. However, it offers a practical framework and built-in libraries to build Machine learning algorithms.


  • Able to Run a Program on Different Types of OS
  • Extensible
  • Statistical Analysis Language
  • Active Community


Go language is an innovative system-level language which has simple scoping rules. In fact, it offers a better multi-threading feature. Therefore, it is used by the major companies which rely on distributed systems.


  • Very Clean Syntax Hence It is Easy to Learn
  • Well-Suitable for Developing Single Page Applications
  • Smart Documentation
  • Better Speed as It is Compiled to Machine code


Still, PHP is top-ranked in 2020. About 75% of the website uses PHP. In WordPress, about 85% of the code is written using this language. PHP can develop dynamic and interactive websites that are very surprising to the user. According to the survey, it shows that many organizations are yet seeking a huge number of PHP developers.


  • Effective Frameworks
  • High-Class Debugging
  • Community Support
  • Plenty of Automation Tools for Testing and Application Deploying


JavaScript is the most popular language among programmers who need to work on the client-side and server-side programming. This helps to create animations, setup buttons, and also maintain multimedia. In other terms, it is the unconditional basis for front-end development and its frameworks Angular and React, etc.


  • Open Source Libraries
  • Handle Multi-threading
  • Suitable for Distributed Computing
  • Stack Allocation System


MATLAB is useful for performing statistical analysis. It can be used in many industries for data analysis. At the same time, it is widely useful in image processing and computer vision, etc.


  • Ideal for Research applications
  • Platform independent
  • Rich libraries
  • High coding efficiency and productivity