Selenium Online Training - Top 6 Ultimate Reasons To Learn
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October 31, 2019
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Network Security Course
Network Security Course is a Promising Career Option
October 31, 2019
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November 6, 2019

Selenium Online Training: In these days, the familiarity of the selenium testing tool has been increased every day. Selenium testing is the perfect testing tool used for website applications. Though there are many tools which help to complete the same results, but Selenium is becoming the most preferable tool among testers. If you begin to using Selenium Online Training, it may take a while. Hence, to make the job more simple and easy, here are the top 6 ultimate reasons to learn Selenium. Most industry is seeking for Selenium Certified Professionals.

6 Ultimate Reasons to Learn Selenium Online Training

Here, there are top 6 ultimate Reasons to Learn Selenium Online Training such as

  • Open source tool
  • Several languages support
  • Frameworks
  • No operating system
  • Integration with other tools
  • Demand for Selenium professionals

Open Source Tool

An important part of Selenium is that is an open source tool. That means, its source code is available to all. According to the user requirements, they can easily make the changes in the code. On the other hand, this tool is entirely free, while several testing tools may charge you a hefty amount as subscription charges to do the same work. In fact, Selenium is freely available for both companies and individuals.

Several Languages Support

It is the most vital reason for every developer to learn selenium due to its support multiple languages. Although, there is plenty of programming languages in today's world such as PHP, Java course, Learn Ruby, Python course, C, C++, Go, R etc. For every developer to have a career in testing, it is important to be specialized in atleast one of the programming languages. Further, more testing tools available in the market which need you to be expert in the certain language used by them. However, Selenium overtakes this completely. Even, you can begin your testing career simple by using Selenium. Although, if you are expert in just one language as this tool supports multiple programming languages.


As a matter of fact, various frameworks are available in Selenium. Constantly, it is being adopted by major organizations. Using these frameworks, users can make modifications in the code for several conditions, instead of making wholesale changes. Commonly, Selenium frameworks are used in worldwide such as

  • Keyword Driven Testing Framework
  • Data Driven Testing Framework
  • Hybrid Testing Framework
  • Module Testing Framework

No Operating System

As a matter of fact, it is the most inspiring reason to learn Selenium is that it does not have any operating system specifications or any specific browser demands. In fact, it does not require hardware such as a computer with high RAM or a lot of free hard disk space. You will run Selenium on your system with any operating system. It supports operating systems such as Learn Linux, Learn Windows, and Mac etc and also supports web browsers such as Firefox, Opera, and Chrome etc.

Integration with Other Tools

Another important reason to learn Selenium is that it is easily integrated with other tools such as Cucumber, Maven and Jenkins etc. When these open source tools may be integrated with Selenium, you can achieve automation testing. That’s why other testing strategies tools lag behind. Without flexibility, they are just not as better as selenium testing tool.

Demand for Selenium Testers

In the final, you should learn Selenium due to there is an increasing demand for Selenium professionals in all the major software companies. As the familiarity of the Selenium is increasing, the number of software companies has been started considering the use of Selenium in their own firms. This in turn, it has massively increased the demand for Selenium testers.

Final Thoughts

Elysium Academy training institute helps to learn Selenium, one of the top automation testing tools. In fact, this training course helps to make an expert in Selenium components. During this course, you will excel the automation testing frameworks for website applications and Selenium architecture etc. In fact, you can work on multiple real-time projects with this training.