List Of Humanoid Robots That Inspiring The World Today
robotic education
Robotic Education – Jibo Social Robot Friendly Companion
November 9, 2018
Go Programming Language
Go Programming Language Launched Recently
November 14, 2018
robotic education
Robotic Education – Jibo Social Robot Friendly Companion
November 9, 2018
Go Programming Language
Go Programming Language Launched Recently
November 14, 2018

List of Humanoid Robots that are Creative

List of Humanoid Robots: The Humanoid Robots designing functional purposes like interacting with the environments and also social tools among the experimental purposes. In fact, the body shape of this robot may create a parallel to the human body.

List of Humanoid Robots

  • Ekso GT
  • Milo Robot
  • LG Rolling Bot
  • Deka Robot
  • Jibo
  • Pepper
  • Spot
  • Moley
  • Double
  • Honda Asimo

Ekso GT

It is demonstrating the potential robots having a medical sector, and it helps to stroke victims and also spinal trauma recovering from walking again current trends in ai. Additionally, this robot is built from both the aluminum and titanium, power motors, and uses a battery that allowing a walk.

Milo Robot

Milo the List of Humanoid Robots that are designing to teach the social skills to kids and particularly curriculum that is engaging, interactive and also fun. In this session that is facilitate into the qualified practitioner. For example occupational therapist or else speech pathologist among the experience and skills. Even though, the milo is the assistive technology or therapy that the best way to enhance the quality of life for peoples live in disability.

LG Rolling Bot

It will wrap into the pet entertainment and also home monitoring for the one ball. In reality, this bot may contain hybrid security smart home devices or else security system. In this bot that is interacting and also connecting to the other smart home gadgets. For example lights, TV intermediate among the Bluetooth for the home Wi-Fi networking.

Deka Robot

It is bionic limbs that are having the emerging and exciting area for the robotic methodology. Who will experience upper extreme amputation regain controlling the human hand or arm. The prosthetic main arm is too precise the humans are able to grip the items like cutlery and cups.


It is the first social robot, and it will explore the SDK and create as more skills. For the purpose of, this jibo's face consists touch screen monitor and it is power into the rechargeable battery among the plastic and aluminum body.


Pepper is a robot that is designing for the people Future of AI. Create to connect with them, contribution them, and sharing the knowledge with them. On the positive side, it is helping your business in the process. To enumerate, both are Friendly and also engaging, Pepper makes unique capabilities and procedures real relationships.


The spot takes the lessons educated evolving a Cheetah, LS3, Big Dog, and rolls them into a noiseless four leg robot with amazing rough landscape mobility and also human stability. The spot is electrically hydraulically and power. Particularly, it transmits a 23 kg operates and payload for 45 minutes among the battery charge.


The world's first robotic for a kitchen. A pair of entire articulated robotic hands that are reproductive all the functions of human hands with similar speed, movement and also sensitivity.


It will expand for the distance or else online nursing students. Evidence-based simulation entities video simulation, telepresence simulation, and e-simulations offer both the asynchronous and synchronous choices.

Honda Asimo

The full form of this Asimo is Advanced machine learning course Step in Innovative Mobility and it is the humanoid robots which it is built in Honda. At the same time, it will walk climb stairs and walk independently. It is the three-dimensional computer processor that may make in Honda and contains the three processors they are memory, processor and signal converter.