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Php & MySQL
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Php & MySql


PHP is an open source, server-side web-scripting language that is used for the creation of dynamic website content. Owing to its features, dynamic websites are considered to be more flexible than merely static websites. PHP is compatible with all the major web servers and databases. This course starts from the basic introduction, explaining the operations of the PHP language, and then moving onto the creation of PHP programs, process for loading the PHP scripts, and to the final stage of working with more complex items such as SQL commands, working with MySQL database, using classes and Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in PHP.

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Course Outline

Our advanced professional certification programs and high-quality mock courses serve as a gateway for the learners interested in starting their career in the Global IT sector.
1Introduction to PHP
  • 1. What is PHP?
  • 2. How PHP better than other?
  • 3. Benefits Of Using PHP MYSQL
  • 4. Server Client Environment
  • 5. Web Browse Web Server Installation & Configuration Files
2Development Concept
  • 1. How PHP Script Work?
  • 2. PHP Syntax
  • 3. Write your First PHP Program
  • 4. Embed PHP In HTML/HTML In PHP
  • 5. PHP Data Types
  • 6. Variable In PHP
  • 7. Contents In PHP
  • 8. Operator In PHP
3Working with File
  • 1. Opening File
  • 2. Reading File
  • 3. Writing File
  • 4. Closing File
  • 5. Appending File
  • 6. Uploading File
4Introduction to MYSQL
  • 1. What is Database?
  • 2. Understanding an RDBMS
  • 3. Understanding Tables, Record & Fields
  • 4. SQL Language
5SQL Queries
  • 1. Create Database & Table
  • 2. Drop Database & Table
  • 3. Insert Record
  • 4. Select Record
  • 5. Deleting Record
  • 6. Modifying Record
  • 7. WHERE Clause
  • 8. Using Operators
  • 9. Sorting Records
  • 10. Eliminating Duplicates
  • 11. Grouping Records, Having Clause
  • 12. Joining Tables
  • 13. Sub queries
  • 14. Using Table And Column Aliases

Exam Feature & Intro Video

Exam Number 200-550
Associated Zend PHP
Duration 90 Minutes (45-55 questions)
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Course Features

  • Robust Support

  • High-tech Lab

  • Proficient Faculties

  • Ample Experience

  • Live seminars

  • Reliable Certification

  • No 1: Masters

  • Unrelenting Dedication

  • From Top Level Industry

  • Personalized Learning

  • Placement assistance

  • Innovative Courseware

Pre-Requirement Skills

Skill Needs

  • Html60%
  • Basic Sql Concepts50%

Opening Hours

We are open to serve the learners from Monday to Sunday, during the business hours.
  • 8am - 8pm
  • 10am - 1pm

Content Include

  • Course Certificate
  • Course Material
  • Video Tutorial
  • Exam Guidance
  • Industrial Visit
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