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OCJP Certified Course


The OCJP course enables the students with little or no programming experience to begin to learn programming using the Java programming language. It teaches the significance of object-oriented programming, the keywords and constructs of the Java programming language and the steps required to create simple Java technology programs. Students will learn to use various Java programming language constructs to create several Java technology applications, use decision and looping constructs and methods to dictate program flow, perform basic error handling for your Java technology programs, implement intermediate Java programming and object-oriented (OO) concepts in Java technology programs and demonstrate knowledge of Java technology and the Java programming language.

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Course Outline

This course teaches students how to develop Java applications. Topics covered include the Java Programming language syntax, OO programming using Java, exception handling, file input/output, Threads, collection classes, and networking. Students will develop and test Java applications (typically) using Eclipse. This course is a pre-requisite to all Application Server courses, and specialty Java Technology courses such as Struts, Spring, and Hibernate. This course is designed for applications programmers and designers planning to develop applications using the Java Virtual Machine. Students should have taken the Software Development for Non-Programmers course or have programmed in at least one programming language - preferably C or C++. Some familiarity with Object Oriented Programming is desired but not required.
  • 1. What is Java?                            
  • 2. History
  • 3. Versioning
  • 4. The Java Virtual Machine
  • 5. Writing a Java Program
  • 6. Packages
  • 7. Simple Java Programs
2Holding Data
  • 1. Primitive Data Types
  • 2. User – Define Data Types
  • 3. Decelerations
  • 4. Constants
  • 5. Identifiers, Literals
  • 6. Types Conversion and Casting
  • 7 Objects and Wrapper Classes
  • 8. Variables
  • 9. Command-Line Arguments
3Controlling the Flow
  • 1. Expressions
  • 2. Using Operators
  • 3. Using control statements
4Object Oriented Programing Concept
  • 1. Abstraction
  • 2. Encapsulation
  • 3. Polymorphism and Overloading
  • 4. Fundamentals of Classes
  • 5. Using ‘this’ Keywords
  • 6. Constructors
  • 7. More on Methods
  • 8. Nested and Inner Classes
5Inheritance & Packaging
  • 1. Inheritance
  • 2. The Object Class
  • 3. Abstract and Final Class
  • 4. Packages
  • 5. Interfaces
6Handling Error/Executions
  • 1. Basic Exceptions
  • 2. Proper Use of Exceptions
  • 3. User define Exceptions
  • 4. Catching Exceptions
  • 5. Throwing and Re-Throwing
  • 6. Cleaning Up using the Finally Clause
7 Handling Strings
  • 1. Creation, Concatenation and Conversion of a String
  • 2. Changing Case
  • 3. Character Extraction
  • 4.String Comparison
  • 5. Searching String
  • 6. Modifying String
  • 7. String Buffer
  • 1. Create/instantiate/Start new Threads
  • 2. Understanding Threads Execution
  • 3. Thread Priorities
  • 4. Synchronization
  • 5. Inter-Threads Communication, Deadlock
9I/O Streams
  • 1. Java .io Packages
  • 2. Files and Directories
  • 3. Streams
  • 4. Reading/Writing Console Input/output
  • 5. Reading and Writing
10Understanding Core page
  • 1. Using Java. Lang Page
  • 2. Using Java. Till Package
11Java Applications
  • 1. Intro to AWT and Swing
  • 2. Working with Frame, windows, graphics, color, fonts
  • 3. AWT controls
  • 4.Layout Managers
  • 5. JFrame and JPlane containers
  • 6. User Interface Events
  • 7. Adapter Classes

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Exam Code 1ZO - 803
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Duration 90Hours
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Skill Needs

    • Basic Computer knowledge 50%
    • Programming language 0%

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  • Course Certificate
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  • Industrial Visit

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