SQL Database Vs NoSQL Database - Differences Over SQL DB
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February 19, 2019
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SQL Database Vs NoSQL Database – 4 Distinguishes Over SQL Database

SQL Database Vs NoSQL Database: As many of you know, NoSQL is a database which is used to manage large sets of unstructured data, where the data is not stored in tabular relations like relational databases. NoSQL stands for "Not only SQL," in which information is placed in tables and data schema is carefully designed before the database is built. Especially, these databases are useful for working with large sets of distributed data. MongoDB Certification is the leading NoSQL database. It is an open source database management system which uses a document-oriented database model that supports various forms of data.

Difference Between SQL Database Vs NoSQL Database

It is a structured query language which may utilize for defining and manipulating data. This Learn programming may use for insert, search, update and delete database records. SQL is the most versatile and great for complex queries, but it is restrictive. On the other hand, NoSQL database has the dynamic schema for unstructured data, and data is stored in many ways such as column-oriented, document-oriented, and graph-based.

SQL Benefits

Some of the following benefits such as

Compatibility: It is available for all platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac, and Solaris. As well as, it has a connector to languages like Ruby, C#, C++, PHP, Java, and Python Course which means it is not limited to SQL query language.

Maturity: As a matter of fact, it is an extremely established database which is a huge community, and a bit of stability.

Cost-effective: SQL database is free and open source. Hence, this is cost-effective and good for business.

Replicable: This database can be replicated across multiple nodes, which means that the workload may reduce, scalability and availability of the application may also increase.

NoSQL Benefits

Dynamic schema: It gives the flexibility to change your data schema without modifying any existing data.

Scalability: Mongo DB is scalable, which helps to reduce the workload and scale your business with ease.

Manageability: NoSQL database does not require a database administrator in PHP course Language. Since it is user-friendly and both developers and administrators can use it.

Flexibility: It can add new columns or fields on NoSQL without affecting existing rows or application performance.


In the final analysis, it is a fast and reliable database which is one of the recommended databases in designing scalable web applications that may require storage of unstructured data. If you are designing a mobile app development courses where you need high availability, fast performance, clustering then use Mongo DB as your application backend database.