How Machine Learning Will Impact Business In 2019 And Beyond
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Latest Machine Learning Trends

Latest Machine Learning Trends

In fact, we are living in innovative times with futuristic technology literally at our fingertips. But for the longest time, small to medium-sized businesses may not be serviced by current technology trends enterprises was able to benefit from. At the same time, we will explore these technology trends and how they will impact business in 2019 and beyond.

Marketing Gets Smarter With Artifical Intelligence And Machine Learning

Machine Learning And Social Media Marketing

In April 2018, Salesforce will conduct a study of marketing leaders wide area, and the results were mind-blowing. More than 60% of marketers will envision leveraging AI to develop a dynamic landing page, websites, programmatic advertising and also media buying. To run your analysis now and developing a strong persona may key to implementing Artifical Intelligence Algorithms to your social media in upcoming years.

Marketing & Machine Learning

In order to, machine learning is about understanding the statistics and data. It is a technical process where the computer algorithms finding patterns in data, then it is predicted probable outcomes. Businesses will also utilize machine learning to up-sell the right product, to the right customer, at the correct time. In 2019, marketers may continue to rely on machine learning to understanding the open rates when it comes to email. so that you may know exactly when to send your next campaign to increase click-through rates and ROI.

Integrating Chatbots

As a matter of fact, there was a time in which chatbots are only thought of as manmade pests on the network, but through Machine Learning Trends, they will get smarter and businesses are embracing to them in mass. We know that 2019 and beyond, chatbots will play a crucial role in the future of customer service. Why? Chatbots may help achieve a faster customer service resolution, as long as provide quick histories of each and every customer for impeccable customer service. There are some of the key benefits that chatbots have over solely human interactions.

  • Giving 24/7 customer service
  • The era of being on hold is gone
  • Quick access to customer data builts the service more secure

With this move, it will more interesting to see how businesses may leverage robots throughout other aspects of the business. The final trend we will explore is Automation and how it affects businesses today.

Accounting Automation

The major problem is that as humans, we are fallible and slower at the data entry than a machine. So that innovations in bank feed, rule-based categorization and also integrated payments have dramatically reduced the workload of the clerical and bookkeeping staff and given by the business owners more timely access to accurate financial information for the businesses. At the same time, the automation will commonly place in accounting, and a massive number of the finance professionals may using the advanced level of analytical tools to helping them adding value to business models across the globe.

In the near future, we will see the rise of massive technology, powered by Machine Learning, Cloud, AI and Automation. This truly is the start of the Golden Age of Information Technology and it is the perfect time for businesses to take a hard look at the organizations and to find the ways to begin integrating these technology trends.

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