iOS vs Android Application | Advantages of Each Platform
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ios vs android development: Advantages of Each Platform

iOS vs Android Development: Android and iOS are the operating systems used primarily for mobile technology such as smartphones including tablets. Since Android is now the world's most commonly used smartphone platform, and it has many different manufacturers while comparing to an iOS operating system.

Common Interfaces

Especially iOS and Android both use touch interface that has a lot in common swiping, tapping and pinch and zoom. Both operating system boot to a home screen which an iOS home screen only contains rows of app icons, Android allows the use of such as widgets, which display auto-updating information such as weather and email. Smartphones are inherent in today society, and the two biggest players in the smartphone market are the Android operating system by Google and iOS app development by apple.

Difference between iOS vs Android Development

There are numerous dissimilarities of parameters and functionalities in Android development course and iOS. Here are the top 10 differences between iOS vs Android Development.

Classification Android iOS
Source Model The Android was Open Source model. The iOS was Closed with open source components.
OS Family Linux. OS X, UNIX
Developer Google. Apple.
Languages Android system have more than 100 languages. The iOS has 34 languages only.
File transfer system It’s easier than iOS. Using USB port and Android file transfer desktop app. Photos can be transferred with the help of USB without apps. Here the file transfer is more difficult. The media files can be shared only with iTunes desktop app. Photos can be transferred out via USB without apps.
Maps Google Maps. Apple Maps.
Security Android software patches are available soonest to nexus device users. Most people will never encounter a problem with malware because they dont go outsite the play store for apps.
Cloud services Native integration with google cloud storage. Native integration with iCloud.
Voice commands Google Now, Google Assistant. Siri.
Internet Browsing Google Chrome and other Android browser on older versions. Mobile safari or other browsers are available.

Those are the difference between Android and iOS operation systems.


Nowadays those two operating systems are using widely. Besides, Android course and iOS Hardware Devices are being adopted globally and faster than the PC. Both the Android and iOS have their advantages and disadvantages. But they are equally strong contenders and are bound to rule the app marketplace with their strength and positives. Fundamentally the choice is yours, and the difference is not sufficient to place one much higher than the others.

Apple devices such as iPhone. As much as, both Android and iOS mobile app development courses Systems are recommended for using their font style. Hence Roboto for Android and San Francisco for iOS. The basic sizes of the text are similar, but the material design uses a significant difference in font size and their layouts, while, iOS builds the text hierarchy mainly by using bold type.