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Website Development Course: In fact, HTML offers the fundamental structure of sites, which is modified and enhanced with other technologies such as CSS and JavaScript. CSS can utilize the control presentation, formatting, and also layout. JavaScript may use to control the behavior of various elements

Difference Between CSS Vs JavaScript CSS JavaScript
1 Cascading style sheets ie CSS is a straightforward mechanism which includes styles like text styles, separating to the web archives. JavaScript is one of the scripting dialect in a general sense utilize on the web. It will use to enhance the HTML pages and it is commonly discovered inserted into the HTML code.
2 Filename extension is .CSS Filename extension is .js
3 CSS is declarative there is more scope of the optimization. The browser will use hardware acceleration to create CSS things. It will future optimize things which similar to not computing the off-screen element's styles rather than the animations. JavaScript does not have to access the sorts of APIs out of the box.
4 It will be supported by every browser. JavaScript may support by major browsers only.
5 Broken CSS rules do not impact your entire web applications, missing tags might break your layout however except in the extreme cases. One JavaScript syntax error may either null or else undefined check on the field. It will break your entire app, forcing your user to refresh the complete thing also possible of losing some work in the process.

CSS Web Designing

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. These Web Development coursedictates show the HTML elements of a site will appear on the front end of the page. In order to, HTML offers the raw tools needed to structure the content on a website. It helps to the style this content may appear to the user the way it was intended into seen. It is describing the presentation of the Web pages. Such as large screens, small screens, or else printers. CSS is the independent of HTML and it is used with any type of the XML-based markup language.


JavaScript is a huge complicated language when it is compared to HTML Course or Learn CSS. Nowadays, JavaScript may support all the modern web browsers and it is used in almost every site on the web for huge powerful and also complex functionality. It is also enlarged beyond the client space to becoming a dominant language on the server-side, as well.