Difference Between Core Java And Java - Get Brilliant Training
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September 13, 2018
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Dart Programming Language
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September 13, 2018
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Difference Between Core Java and Java – Get Your Brilliant Training

Difference Between Core Java and Java

Difference Between Core Java and Java: Core Java language teaches the basic of applications in java more than involving such as object-oriented programming concepts, exception handling, multi-threading etc. In fact, core java is most similar to the Java VM, and CORBA. It will refer to the collection of libraries in the learn programming which it is a subset of the Java SE technique.

They are two major certifications which it’s fully cover topics in core java.

    • 1. OCPJP
      2. OCAJP

What are the OOPS Concepts Involves in Java?

The application Top Programming interface is the substructure of the Java platform. As well as, all the classes are using the desktop applications with the Java EE applications.

    • 1. Class
    • 2. Object
    • 3. Inheritance
    • 4. Polymorphism
    • 5. Abstraction
    • 6. Encapsulation
    • 7. Association
  •           8. Aggregation

What are the Difference between Core Java and Java?

S.no Core Java Java
1 Core java is used to developing the standalone applications. Java will mainly use to designing both the web application and desktop.
2 Core is the Computing platform which it’s used for enhancing the java applications for servers and desktops. In reality, it is the high-level programming platform which acquiring the syntax of C++, python framework, Java, oca java certification and also C.
3 It is the basic concept of java which may develop the transportable code for the server and desktop applications. It supports the cross-platform similarity, and it’s designing of accomplishment province in a programming language.
4 It refers to JSE such as Java Standard Edition which may provide the fundamental foundation of this platform. Java is a secure platform from the unique choice of developing software for the several of platforms such as servers, embedded system.

What are the Categories in Core Java?

Java SE: Computing platform both the deployment and development of the transportable code for the server and desktop for the environment in a server.

At the same time, it is implementing the standalone concepts of system software and applications for running on the computer system. To learn SE such as strings, inheritance, etc.

Java EE: The web applications are used to help for the web browser with the advanced topics like enterprise java beans, servlets and so on. In general, the scandalizing community which it is driven in the enterprise software and donation from the industry experts.

Java ME: Mobile applications sources of running in mobile phones. In this, ME generally learn knowledge about the development of Android App Development course. To put it another way, it supplies the convenient environment, robust for running the devices and embedded for IoT.

Features of Core Java Programming


There are no comprehensible pointers which it is using entire programs running interior the sandbox to secure from the data and information. On the positive side, JVM is a translator which it is installing to every client machine with the help of networking.


The basic key factors of the Java portability run as whole operating systems without having a dependency. For this reason, this platform is huge independent for any applications on one platform.


It is the power management system with the help of removing the errors checking the codes in runtime. The robust is fully taking the releasing and memory to allocate. This characteristic is automated in the memory management and also a collection of garbage.

Object Oriented

Entire functions in the java which will perform using the objects. The object oriented possess of obvious behavior and almost all the language supporting oops concepts. To grasping the key factors to comprehension how java will work.

What are the Career Aspects of Core Java Certification Courses?

It is huge familiar and high platform which will use in Information technology sectors. So as to Java is the basis of learning an android and Hadoop. To clarify the career path of this developers roles are

    • 1. Application developer


    • 2. Software developer


    • 3. Java programmer


    4. Tester

Core Java Course Training is the best choice for making a decision as a career in the IT field. Students are trying to get into any companies are good with the conceptual of the knowledge then that the core java is huge enough.