Oracle Database - Connect Your Data for Advanced Analytics
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May 2, 2019
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Connect Your Data with Oracle Database for Advanced Analytics

Oracle Database: As you know, the Oracle database is the most trusted and widely used relational database engines. It is a relational database management system from the Oracle Corporation. It is used to create and manage databases. An Oracle Database is a collection of data which may organize by type with relationships being maintained between the different types. The primary purpose of the database is to store and retrieve related information.

As a matter of fact, it is entirely scalable relational database architecture and is often used by global enterprises which are managed and process data across extensive and local area networks. It has its own network component to allow communications across networks.

Steps to connect data with Oracle Database

  • In the Oracle Database dialog box, in Server name specify the Oracle server to connect
  • If you want to import data using native database query, specify your query in the SQL statement box
  • Click OK
  • If the Oracle server requires database user credentials
  • a. In the Access, a Database dialog box, enter your username and password

    b. Click connect

Oracle in Advanced Analytics

Oracle in Advanced Analytics which is a combination of data mining and learn r programming, delivers predictive analytics, text mining, statistical analysis, data mining, advanced numerical computations and an interactive graphics inside the database. In fact, it brings powerful calculations to the database resulting in dramatic improvements in scalability, security, savings and information discovery. Data scientists, data analysts, statistical programmers, application developers and it can develop and automate analytical methodologies inside the database and get a competitive advantage.

Responsibilities for Oracle Database Developer

Database developers are also known as database programmers who are responsible for creating and implementing computer databases. Oracle database developer typically works for a corporate IT department in any industry. Database developers should complete different tasks. the responsibilities of Oracle database developer such as

Test new products: Developers can able to run performance testing procedures to enhance the proper operations of a database. In fact, this responsibility includes troubleshooting any problems, creating, submitting testing reports and information about enhancing the database system if necessary.

Design Database system: The major responsibility of a database developer is to analyze the Bigdata Course needs of a company and produce an efficient database system to meet those needs. This requires skills and knowledge of database administration software, architectures, data models, and data integrity practices.

Develop documentation:They should create documentation about the database system and offers an operational manual and supporting documentation. it including information as any changes or improvements to the database is implemented.