CompTIA A+ Course - The Solid Foundation of Your IT Career
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February 13, 2018
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CompTIA A+ Course – The Solid Foundation of Your IT Career

CompTIA A+ Course: Before getting into details regarding CompTIA A+ certification, let’s see some basic facts regarding CompTIA. Computing Technology Industry Association CompTIA A+ Course is a non-profit trade association which issues professional certifications for the information technology (IT) industry. Accordingly, it is considered as one of the IT industry’s top trade associations.

Incidentally, the exam is designed to certify the competency of entry-level PC computer service professionals in installing, maintaining, customizing, and operating personal computers. Now you could see why it’s the preferred qualifying credential for technical support and IT operational roles.

Let’s discuss the attributes of CompTIA A+ certification. Since it is an essential IT certification, it covers the whole array of features. As a result, you will be better prepared to troubleshoot and well versed with problem-solving.

Correspondingly, as a technician you can understand a wide variety of issues ranging from networking and operating systems to mobile devices and security. What else? A+ also supports the ability to connect users to the data they need to do their jobs regardless of the devices being used.

We’ll discuss the skills that you can master during CompTIA training. First of all, you can identify, use, and connect hardware components and devices. Secondly, you will be able to explain the types of networks and connections including TCP/IP, WIFI, and SOHO. Third, you can install and configure laptops and other mobile devices. Further, you might be able to install and support Windows OS including command line & client support.

Training Institute for CompTIA A+ Course

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