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The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Wireless (CCIE) certification program is one of the most prestigious networking certification that assesses and validates the internetworking expertise of the professionals and mastery of Cisco products and solutions. This program continually updates and revises its testing tools and methodologies to ensure unparalleled program quality, relevance and value. The CCIE Routing and Switching certifies the skills required of expert-level network engineers to plan, operate and troubleshoot complex, converged network infrastructure. The CCIE Security program recognizes individuals who have the knowledge and skills to implement, maintain and support extensive Cisco Network Security Solutions using the latest industry best practices and technologies. The CCIE Service Provider certification is for expert-level SP network engineers who bring the knowledge and skill to build an extensible Service Provider infrastructure to deliver rich managed services. The CCIE Wireless certification assesses and validates wireless expertise.

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Course Outline

CCIE is a high level certification program designed to identify and serve the best of internetworking experts. The CCIE written and the lab exams assume that the students have an expert level knowledge of Cisco IOS. The CCIE labs are two days of hands on network construction and troubleshooting.
1Bridging and Switching
  • 1. VTP, VLAN, Trunk, Spanning tree
  • 2. Frame Relay, DLCI, FR multilink
  • 3. ATM PVC, SVC, FR/ATM interworking
  • 4. PPPoE
2 IGP Routing
  • 1.A. IS-IS, Level 1/2, Metric
  • 2. OSPF, LSA, Area
  • 3. Redistribution, Summarization, Filtering
  • 4.Policy routing
3BGP Routing
  • 1. IBGP, EBGP
  • 2. BGP attributes
  • 3. Confederation, Route reflector
  • 4. Synchronization, Aggregation, Stability
  • 5.Redistribution, Filtering
  • 6.Multipath
4SP Multicast
  • 2.Auto RP, Static RP, BSR, Anycast RP
  • 3. MP-BGP for multicast, MSDP
  • 1. Label distribution, LDP/ TDP
  • 2. Label filtering, Label merging, Multipath
  • 3.MPLS COS
  • 4. MPLS Netflow
  • 5. MPLS over ATM
  • 6.MPLS Traffic Engineerin
6L3/L2 VPN
  • 2. PE-CE routing, RIPv2, OSPF, EIGRP, Static, ISIS, EBGP
  • 3.BGP Extended Community
  • 4. Inter AS MPLS VPN
  • 5. Carrier Supporting Carrier
  • 6.VRF-Lite, VRF Select
  • 7. Multicast MPLS VPN
  • 8. GRE, multipoint GRE
  • 9.AToM, L2TPv3
  • 10.802.QinQ
7SP QoS and Security
  • 2. Marking, Shaping, Policing
  • 3. CAR, FRTS
  • 4. WRQ, CBWFQ, LLQ, PQ, CQ
  • 5. RED, WRED
  • 6. LFI, cRTP
  • 7. RSVP
  • 8. ACL, RPF, Filtering
  • 9. Routing update security
  • 10. Common attacks
8High Availability
  • 1. NSF, GLBP
  • 2. Fast reroute, Link/Node protection
  • 3. HSRP, VRRP
  • 2. Accounting
  • 3. Netflow
  • 4. NTP

Exam Feature & Intro Video

Exam code 350-001
Associated Cisco
Duration 80 Hours
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Course Features

  • Robust Support

  • High-tech Lab

  • Proficient Faculties

  • Ample Experience

  • Live seminars

  • Reliable Certification

  • No 1: Masters

  • Unrelenting Dedication

  • From Top Level Industry

  • Personalized Learning

  • Placement assistance

  • Innovative Courseware

Pre-Requirement Skills

Skill Needs

    • CCNP Certification100%
    • Realtime Working Knowledge80%

Opening Hours

We are open to serve the learners from Monday to Sunday, during the business hours.
  • 8am - 8pm
  • 10am - 1pm

Content Include

  • Course Certificate
  • Course Material
  • Video Tutorial
  • Exam Guidance
  • Industrial Visit

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