CCNA Jobs - Career Opportunity for CCNA Certification Holders
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CCNA Jobs – Career Opportunity for CCNA Certification Holders


Cisco system develops the CCNA certification which is the most popular industry certification program in networking. It stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate which is an information technology certification, and it is a category of technical certifications for early-career networking professionals. Cisco CCNA Security offers five programs and levels of accreditation such as Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert, and Architect. It is the second level program of five certifications. This certificate holder can gain the ability to understand, operate, Learn jQuery, configure and troubleshoot medium-level switched and routed networks.

CCNA Certification Exam and CCNA Jobs

There are two testing options, and the candidates should pass two exams to become CCNA certified expert. These two exams are vary and it is depending on the subject of the particular program. It offers two entry-level certifications such as CCENT and CCT. CCNET certification is (Cisco Certified Entry Level Technician) for network professionals who need to verify that they have the skills required for basic network support positions. CCT certification (Cisco Certified Technician)is available with three specializations such as data center, TelePresence and routing, and switching. Both of these certifications help technicians to start their career as network professionals.

Types of CCNA Associate Certifications

Here the several types of CCNA Associate certifications such as

  • Cloud Computing Skills
  • Cybersecurity operation
  • Data center
  • Routing and Switching
  • Networking and Security
  • Wireless
  • Industrial
  • Collaboration
  • Service provider

Benefits of CCNA Certifications

In fact, this certificate may recognize in global and respect by most companies. This certificate does not only enhance career opportunities but also provide the candidates with a higher pay scale.

Job Opportunities: CCNA certificate holders have an excellent job opportunity. Most of the companies looking for Cisco certified professionals for handling their networking projects.

Career Advancement: A holder can expect to have career growth quickly. Many companies can also give priority to certified professionals when they have plans to promote their staff members.

Pay Scale: In fact, professionals not only enhance their knowledge and skills about networking concepts and also gain an opportunity to increase their salary.

Eligibility for Higher Certification Programs: Moreover, certified professionals gain the ability to write higher certificate exams. They can be eligible to write other programs such as CCNA Jobs Wireless, CCNA Security, Voice, and other certifications.

Global Recognition: This certificate can accept globally, and the professionals can also apply for overseas jobs as well.

CCNA Jobs Profiles: A certificate holder can apply for the position of the Networking Courses, Security system engineer, IT network administrator, IT Manager and even IT Director.


In the final analysis, CCNA certificate holders are in high demand. Some companies have made it mandatory which the applicants must hold a CCNA certification to apply for a position in the domain of networking.