Apache Hadoop - Switch Career as a Cloudera Administrator
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June 2, 2018
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Apache Hadoop – Switch as a Cloudera Administrator

Apache Hadoop is nothing but the set of open-source software that utilizes the network with many computers. This process is especially to solve problems that involve the huge amount of data and computation. The software framework provides for distributed storage and big data processing using the programming model. As of a fact, Hadoop has its support to many organizations in making decisions. That is, the decisions based on the comprehensive analysis of data sets and multiple variables instead of a sampling of particular data.

Generally, the ability of large sets of data processing provides the inclusive view to the Hadoop users in operations, opportunities. In order to develop the similar perspective of multiple data analysis without the use of big data. Then the synthesis of results every organization prefers that includes a lot of subjective analysis and manual effort. For this reason, many students are fond of doing Hadoop training. Before having a great leap on this Apache Hadoop training, know some of the features of Hadoop and its advantages in the field.

Major Significance of Apache Hadoop

As already mentioned, Apache Hadoop is a software framework that has its script in Java. It comprises mainly two parts. As stated above, those two parts are storage part and data processing part. To deliberately explain, the storage part is called as Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS) and the processing part is known as MapReduce.

Every one of you gets the doubt that what is the great difference between Big Data and Hadoop. As we all know that, Big Data is a term that entirely holds large and complex data sets. Obviously, handling the large data storage is the big deal. For that purpose, in order to handle it, there is a need for different data processing applications. Rather than traditional types, various applications are there to handle and process the big data. In that way, the base framework to execute this process is that of Apache Hadoop. Hope now clear about some basic needs of Hadoop. Here some of the advantages of Hadoop are listed below.


It is a platform that is highly scalable. It is mainly of its ability to store a large amount of data as well as the distribution of large data among plenty of servers. That is these servers are inexpensive and operate in a parallel way. Normally, the traditional database system is not able to process the large data. Hence, Hadoop enables to run thousands of nodes applications that involve terabytes of database course. Like this, scalability feature of Hadoop defines as the great merit among all.

Cost Effective

In business exploding data sets, then Hadoop is the right choice that offers storage solution at affordable costs. In order to scale such a massive amount of data, traditional database system results in extreme cost. Thus, Hadoop rises into the field and reduce cost by certain assumptions in sampling the most valuable data.


In this feature, Hadoop easily accesses data sources in comptia networking. That is, these sources segregate into different types of data like structured and unstructured. In which that generates the value from that exported data. To paraphrase, Hadoop training benefits useful in many business organizations to derive insights to promote their valuable business. This process carries out through email conversations, social media to enhance the wide variety purpose for their business.

Fast Process

As a matter of fact, the unique storage process in Hadoop training is purely based on the distributed file system. Using this process, data maps in the location wherever it is necessary. To mention, data processing happens on the same servers that result in the faster processing of data. In just a minute, terabytes of data and in an hour, petabytes of data processed in large volumes of unstructured data.

Bouncy to Failure

The main benefit of all is its fault tolerance. When a data is sent once to the individual node, it gets replicated to several other nodes. In the cluster, if data face any error then this replication stores another copy of the data. That will utilize for further approach. Hence, the event of a failure in storage can be avoided in Hadoop distributed file system.


Altogether, when analysing the process of considering a large amount of data Hadoop programming is the best choice to go with. Hence, Elysium Academy provides you with many professional courses. Some of them are CCNA Security, Cisco courses, etc. Since all the features with its advantage completely process the data in a safe and cost-effective manner. Finally, many business organization has hope that Hadoop wins over the relational database when processed under large data clusters.