How to Become Android Developer - First Step towards a New Career
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How to Become Android Developer – The First Step towards a New Career

How to Become Android Developer: Globally, mobile phones are everywhere. The changes in technology introduce an ultimate invention named as smartphones. Now, mobile phones in our hands are replaced by Android phones. Notably, the application makes our life easier. Everything can be manageable utilizing apps from morning running to eating the dinner. Did anyone of you think that how do they functions and who is behind those miracles? Android App Developers are those magicians who act as a root cause and also as a central brain. There is a crucial part for the android app developer in today’s world. Learning to build android apps is essential and here are some tips to become a developer.

Significance for Android App Developer

Apparently, we all know that Android Development Course devices account for 50% of the global market for a smartphone. It becomes the most widespread mobile platform. Specifically, at the time of android introduction, it holds the fifth place after iOS app development, Windows, Blackberry, and Symbian. Meanwhile, the usage of android is growing exponentially with 500,000 + activating android devices. As a result, the demand Android app developers is rising. Additionally, their report is saying that there is a remarkable demand for intelligent programmers with android app development training.

How to Become Android Developer?

Even though, learning app development will not be easy in mobile app development courses. To be sure, the non-programmers need to learn several processes, and even the programmers have a little bit to learn about it. If you guys are obsessed with developing innovative apps for Android, then android training is the right choice for you. Here are four steps that you must learn.

1. Know about Tools like Java, Eclipse + ADT Plugin, and Android

Commonly, development of Android can be made in PC, Linux or Mac. Additionally, the tools that you require to build an app is completely free. You can download Java SE from Oracle, Android SDK from Developers site of android. Furthermore, Eclipse provides ease of integration with, and you can install it free from its website.

Eclipse is more suitable as they provide you an effective text editor that offers a wide arena of feature that the developers can rely on. Comparatively, they also provide highlighting syntax, documentation for API and packaging organization.

2. Learn Java Programming

Precisely, most common Android apps are built utilizing Java course, and some are exclusively with C++ Programming. A strong knowledge is a base for this development course. The object-oriented model of Java is the basis for the app. In OOP the elements are broken into several pieces of “real world” objects. So, the fundamentals build a strong programmer.

3. Understanding of Application Lifecycle

Although you have written some programs for your PC, programming the Application for Android is somewhat different and difficult from it. Usually, in the application of desktop, the operating systems will handle the other apps and their precedence. But in Android, it’s your job to write code for controlling the external functions. So, learning and understanding the lifecycle of android will empower you to create interactive and user-friendly applications.

4. Learn Android API

As we all know android is written utilizing Java, Android 9 Pie Features but Application Programming Interface (API) will add functions to the command sets. With this feature, generally, you can write codings starting from camera to Bluetooth functionalities, Wi-Fi access and many more.

Provided that, with all the above information one can learn to write programs for their own application development in Android systems. Find a new way to brighten your career as an android app developers.

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