Web Development Trends You Should Consider In 2022
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January 22, 2020
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Python Programming Jobs
Python Programming Jobs – Is this Python Developers Still be In-Demand?
January 22, 2020
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Here’s Android 10 is Live: Top 10 New Features
February 4, 2020
Table Of Content
  • Introduction
  • 7 Web development Trends to follow in 2020
    1. Image Sharing
    2. Slideshows and Galleries
    3. Minimalist Design
    4. Integrating Google Maps
    5. Voice Search Optimization
    6. API Design and Streamline Workloads
    7. Progressive Web Applications
  • Final Thoughts


Web Development Trends: In these days, Web development is one of the most energizing fields to be in the recent moment. Over the past few years, emerging technology trends have emerged in the market place. In fact, to stay ahead of the competition, businesses need to focus on increasing web development trends, techniques, and also approaches. Further, the web world is changing at a rapid pace. What is a trend today might be outdated in a matter of a few months? In addition, what are the new web development trends that will pop up in 2020, and which ones will fade out?

7 Web Development Trends to follow in 2020

  • Image Sharing
  • Slideshows and Galleries
  • Minimalist Design
  • Integrating Google Maps
  • Voice Search Optimization
  • API Design and Streamline Workloads
  • Progressive web development course

Image Sharing

Instagram and Pinterest are everywhere, and it is the appeal of the visuals that those who do not actively seek Facebook or Twitter engagement prefer photos-based platforms more. Instagram, like various other photo-sharing platforms, is creative, accessible, fascinating, and fun to manage. It provides a multitude of ways of presenting your image to the world. As well as, it is more prevalent among all ages of people. Therefore, this image sharing trend will stay forever.

Slideshows and Galleries

As a matter of fact, slideshows and galleries have been sustained criticism for the following reasons. It is storytelling devices. Insure, some people can abuse the purpose of the slideshow, but there are yet some that make fantastic use of the design. In order to, the entire point of a gallery is used to engage the user into viewing the entire album. Further, the details of a photo essay through the slide show. As well as, putting up engaging photos for a story through the gallery does attract many users.

Minimalist Design

Developing complex and confusing websites is one of the old trends in web development training course that can be existed. In fact, plain solid backgrounds or high-resolution images with huge sizes with short content placed in the middle. It helps to make for attractive composition. Most brands have been wooing their viewing base with this minimal style approach, which does not need too many tabs or even access content. Simple and plain content along with powerful images that are aligned on right-left, and centre to provide out the entire design via the vertical and horizontal scrolling, which delivers the distinctive web design.

Google Map Integration

Google Map

Integrating Google Maps on a website is a no brainer and has been around for significant time to get noticed. But this trend is not dying anytime soon, and with the choice of designs that are available for web developers, the visual style is evolving. The Google Maps API provides several tools and an optimum space to accommodate dynamic visual and personalized ideas for the maps. Therefore, every web professional programming classes can develop a customized, styled map from scratch to suit the ambience of their website design.

Voice Search Optimization

This is one of the futures of web development seems to be less texty and more voice. It is not only about virtual multifunctional home assistants such as Google Home, Amazon, Alexa and Siri. More than half of the smart IoT Awareness and IoT devices will hear users and execute some commands given by voice in 2020. Moreover, it can recognize the voice of various people and it offers personalized AI-based experience for everyone.

Voice Search Optimization

At the same time, voice search is the most significant example of technology which has been implemented for more than one decade. In 2020, Most companies are puzzling through how to optimize their physical and digital products for voice search and also voice commands.

API Design and Streamlined Workloads

In fact, the more connected our world becomes the more APIs which each app ends up having. Also, with the increasing of IoT devices, our cars, homes, gaming systems, wearable technology, mobile devices and laptops are all connected. Further, it provides more convenience for the user. In traditional, web developers begin with the user and develop from there.

Progressive Web Applications

As a matter of fact, progressive web applications are the websites which performs functions like native mobile applications. By leveraging emerging technology and adapting HTML 5, businesses can achieve the best of both worlds such as

  • Website wide reach
  • Mobile app accessibility

Major organizations have already made the switch from using websites to progressive web applications and it has experienced significant increases in user engagement.

Further, the most companies that have adopted progressive web applications include

  • Uber
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Forbes and
  • Smashing Magazines

Final Thoughts

In the final analysis, the above mentioned web development trends that we can look forward in 2020. In fact, most changes are visible now it and moving forward, you can only expect large scale developments. It helps to more communicative and responsive web development in front end web developer jobs. As web development is increasing continuously, you must remain updated with the latest trends in web development, mobile app development courses. I hope this blog has helped some light on the web development trends and technologies to watch for or continue to watch for in 2020.